All GTA V Cheat Codes on PC


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While Rockstar Games takes their sweet time cooking GTA VI in the Rockstar oven, fans will have to settle with the old classic for now.

All GTA V Cheat Codes on PC

GTA V is turning ten next year. You read that right: Everybody’s favorite action-adventure game is turning a decade old when 2023 comes along.

However, despite being almost a decade old, GTA V remains one of the most popular games on the PC today.

Your dream sports car isn’t magically going to fall out of th-

GTA V is probably one of the last games ever to utilize Cheat Codes. Back in the early days of PC gaming, players needed to have post-it notes filled with some of the go-to cheat codes for the most popular games, and you were considered pretty cool if you had most of them memorized.

Cheat Codes can instantly give players the ability to spawn random vehicles, gain the ability to run faster, and get a slew of weapons complete with flaming or even exploding bullets, to list a few.

We have you covered with some of the best GTA V Cheat Codes on PC if you want to have casual fun stirring chaos around Los Santos.

How to Use GTA V Cheat Codes on PC

Back in the day, Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto had to be punched in while your character was still doing nothing. The ensuing awkward mini-spasm that your character danced to as you input the Cheat Code string was always pretty hilarious.

Hit tilde (~) for some GTA V fun

Thankfully, using GTA V Cheat Codes on PC has become pretty streamlined and straightforward. To use GTA V Cheat Codes on PC, hit the tilde (~) button on your keyboard, then input the Cheat Codes phrases listed below.

All GTA V Cheat Codes on PC List

Cheat CodeDescription
PAINKILLERBecome invincible for five minutes
TOOLUPEquips all weapons
TURTLEFull HP and Armor
POWERUPRecharges Special Ability
HOPTOITIncreases jump height
LAWYERUPReduces wanted level stars
DEADEYEImproves aim. It can be inputted up to four times for maximum aiming accuracy. Entering the code a fifth time will disable the cheat.
HOTHANDSExploding punch
HIGHEXExploding bullets
INCENDIARYFlaming bullets
LIQUORInstantly makes your character drunk
SKYDIVEEquips a parachute
SKYFALLFreefall from the sky. Players must use the forward movement key to angle their character’s head towards the ground to survive. Parachute use is prohibited.
MAKEITRAINChanges weather conditions—Reinput to cycle through weather options.
SNOWDAYCars have zero grip
FLOATERLow gravity when riding vehicles
SLOWMOEverything is set in slow motion. Reinput the cheat code up to three times for maximum slow motion. The fourth time disables the cheat code.
TRASHEDSpawns a garbage truck
BARNSTORMSpawns a stunt plane
BANDITSpawns a BMX bicycle
BUZZOFFSpawns an armed helicopter
FLYSPRAYSpawns a crop duster plane
HOLEIN1Spawns a golf cart
COMETSpawns a sports car
RAPIDGTSpawns a unique sports car
VINEWOODSpawns a limousine
ROCKETSpawns a motorcycle
OFFROADSpawns a dirtbike

Hey, that’s cheating!

It is also worth noting that enabling Cheats in GTA V will disable achievements. So if you are on a mission to replay the entire GTA V story mode with 100% completion, avoid using any of the GTA V Cheat Codes on PC we have featured above.

These GTA V Cheat Codes on PC will not work in Online Play (for obvious reasons), so do not expect to be able to spawn an armed helicopter while playing online magically.

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