Apex Construct PSVR Update 1.03 Released, Adds New Quick Menu and Tweaks to Movement Controls


Chris Harding

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One of the biggest problems with Apex Construct for PSVR is the lack of in-game menu. Should you want to change any settings or simple go back to the beginning, you can’t do it from within the game. It seemed like a massive oversight on release, and it was something our reviewer Kyle found to be annoying, among other things.
The good news is that there’s a new update available today for Apex Contstuct on PSVR. The new update, version 1.03, has gone live today and with it comes a whole bunch of tweaks and fixes that should make the game a little more enjoyable. The full patch notes are down below.
Apex Construct Update Version 1.03 Patch Notes

Apex Construct PSVR Update 1.03 Released, Adds New Quick Menu and Tweaks to Movement Controls
  • Changed input method for Snap Turning. You now use the buttons just like you do for Smooth Turning. Sorry about that! Tutorial in mission “Hello World” has been updated to reflect this.
  • Added a Quick Menu where you can access the Settings from within the game. Accessing this menu pauses the game.
  • Fix for issue where an AI enemy would sometimes spawn in an immortal & blind state, and lead to the mission being unable to progress.
  • Several free locomotion fixes, among them an altered collision check when approaching computer terminals. You can now walk up closer and lean over to them without getting pushed back.
  • Raised the walk and sprint speeds for free locomotion.
  • Added keyboard highlighter. Should now be easier to see which button you are about to press.
  • You can no longer teleport or use free locomotion on top of things that you carry in your hand
  • Audio fixes on electrified water
  • Fixes to Radiance Battery Fuseboxes for issues that could lead to several batteries being consumed by one fuse box
  • You can no longer generate new health cans by bringing consumed ones back to your safe house.
  • Fix for issue where your Data Bank & Quiver Sizes wouldn’t get properly reset when starting a new game.
  • Several fixes related to switching handedness
  • Added UI when finding secrets
  • Fixes issues where found terminal texts wouldn’t unlock in the Data Bank.
  • Added back a secret item that had mysteriously disappeared in mission “With Friends Like These”
  • Fixed issue where Fathr’s VO would sometimes repeat in mission “Hello World”
  • Fixed issue where VO in mission “With Friends Like These” would sometimes overlap.
  • Fixed issue where you could get multiple overlapping menu UI:s in your Inventory.
  • Fixed issue where you could inadvertently modify items in a sub menu when opening it.
  • Added tutorial for teleporting up ladders
  • Several fixes to presentation of the found number of secrets on the Mission Selection Map (the numbers were wrong!)
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