Apex Legends: 5 Useful Tips for Beginners


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Now is a better time than ever to get started on Apex Legends. Here are some tips to get you up to speed on becoming an Apex Predator.

Apex Legends: 5 Useful Tips for Beginners

Apex Legends is as popular as it has ever been. The battle royale game is arguably already a classic in the online battle royale genre, where it sits alongside PUBG at the top of the Steam Charts.

If you are coming from PUBG or any other similar battle royale game, you might not be able to transfer the skills you have honed back in those games into Apex Legends. Apex Legends features vastly different movement and game mechanics than PUBG or Fortnite.

If you are starting right now, do not worry! Everyone started somewhere. With the right amount of time and practice and the tips we have featured in this article, you can soon hang with the top guns in Apex Legends.

1. High Tier Loot Areas

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Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, where most of the loot is scattered everywhere, loot in Apex Legends is usually grouped into specific hotly contested areas.

The best loot can often be found on a map’s so-called High-tier loot area, marked on a player’s HUD display whenever they enter a new section on the map.

Most of the time, however, High Tier loot can be found scattered along the edges of the map. So you might want to make it a point to drop close to those areas at the beginning of the game.

2. Holster Your Weapon When Not In Use


FPS veterans will probably know the drill by now – you can run faster around the map when you are not holding your primary weapon. The same is true in Apex Legends.

Battle Royale games feature a huge map to accommodate many concurrent players in every match. Because of this, you will probably be running around the map most of the time looking for loot or avoiding enemy engagements.

Like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends also forces players into a smaller area as the match progresses. In Apex Legends, players will have to run towards the safe zones to avoid dying from The Ring.

Holstering your weapon will allow you to cover more ground faster, thanks to the movement speed boost. By default, you can holster your weapon by pressing “3” on the keyboard if you are on the PC or pressing “Y” on your Xbox Controller.

3. Slide Your Way to Victory


Sliding is a unique movement mechanic in Apex Legends, allowing players to quickly avoid gunfire and slide along slopes to avoid enemy fire.

In close-quarters combat, sliding can be a deadly tool when playing with a shotgun. Slides allow you to quickly close the gap between you and your target while avoiding enemy fire.

The default key is ‘LCRTL’ for PC players and the ‘B’ Button for Xbox.

4. Change Firing Method

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Some guns will feature various firing modes for different situations. Guns such as the R-310, VK-47, Flatline, Hemlok, or Prowler will allow you to switch firing modes between Single, Auto, or Burst-fire (when available)

Use the appropriate firing mode (single for long-ranged engagements, so you do not accidentally fire two bullets at once in Auto mode) to maximize your ammo and accuracy.

5. Communicate With Your Teammates

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It is already 2022, and you are still using the chatbox?

Kidding aside, we understand that most players might not be able to use the in-game voice chat for personal reasons. However, if you have a mic available and your teammates seem friendly enough, communicate to them via voice comms. They will thank you for that.

Top of The Food Chain

As they say, better late than never, and there is no better time than right now to start on your Apex Legends journey.

No matter which game you are coming from, nobody logs into Apex Legends and immediately scores a Champion in their first game. These games take time to learn and master.

Using the five tips we have listed above, we have no doubts you will be on your way to the top of the food chain in Apex Legends in no time.

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