Apex Legends: How to Check Ranked Leaderboards in Apex Legends


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The numbers do not lie.

Apex Legends: How to Check Ranked Leaderboards in Apex Legends

There is no better way to get better in any game than by watching and studying what some of the best players in the world do to stand head and shoulders over the competition. The same can be said for Apex Legends; watching the top players’ movement, aim technique, and strategies can help players adopt the same practices to improve their own game.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends does not have a built-in Apex Predator tracker, where players can sort and filter the top players of their choice so they can look up their gameplay on YouTube or Twitch.

Players will have to turn to a third-party Apex Legends stat-tracker to check these stats.

How to Check Ranked Leaderboards in Apex Legends

Apex Tracker is the premier Apex Legends tracker with over 19,056,370 tracked accounts across Origin, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network accounts.

The only downside is that Steam users have to use their Origin Account Name linked to their Steam or Nintendo Switch account for Apex Legends.

However, direct support for these two platforms might get added shortly, so fingers crossed.

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Clicking on the ‘Leaderboards’ tab should bring up the combined Rank Score Leaderboard for Apex Legends. Players also have options to filter Platforms, Rank Scores, and Legends.

There is also an option to filter through regions, which is particularly useful for checking personal player rankings for a specific area, so players can have a good idea of where they are currently in the rankings.

Other options include a Legend Meta tracker that collects data for both Legend usage and average kills per match within a seven-day timespan. This data is beneficial for checking which Legends currently top the leaderboards in terms of overall usage and kills per match so that players can take advantage of the best Legends in the game.

(As of right now, Wraith tops the Legend Leaderboards with a 13% usage with an impressive 3.3 average kills per match.)

Chart Toppers

The current top Apex Legends player, KeonTwitch, has a rank score of 77,673 and, as expected, streams Apex Legends on Twitch regularly. Go ahead and join his streams. You might learn a cool trick or two from the Apex Predator himself.

That is about it! Check out the Apex Tracker website yourself to know who is who in Apex Legends’ ranked scene.

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Image Credits: Tracker.gg

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