Apex Legends Legends Season 13: Saviors Patch Notes


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Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors’ patch notes are out. We will break down some of the most important changes in this article. 

Apex Legends Legends Season 13: Saviors Patch Notes

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Season 13: Savior is just around the corner. Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts have released the official patch notes for Apex Legends’ new season to induce hype and excitement in their fans.

Aside from a brand new Legend in Newcastle, the new season brings in a map update, map rotation changes, an upgraded ranked system, balance updates, etc.

New Legend: Newcastle

Newcastle is the exciting new Legend to be added to the ever-growing Apex Legends roster.

The shield-donning Legend turned out to be none other than Bangalore’s long-lost brother, which Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts have confirmed in the Apex Legends: Saviors Launch Trailer.

Newcastle’s abilities have been leaked to death since the Launch Trailer came out, but now we have official confirmation about the newest Legend’s abilities.

Newcastle Abilities

Passive: Retrieve The Wounded

Drag allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield.

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

Leap to an ally or target area and slam down, creating a fortified stronghold.

We bet you can not wait to add Newcastle to your Legend roster. So make sure you have enough Apex Coins/Legend Tokens lined up to acquire the new Legend.

Storm Point Map Update

If you have been keeping tabs on Apex Legends’ lore through the official Apex Legends YouTube channel, you probably already know about the giant sea monster that attacked Storm Point.

It turns out the trailer was not just any random trailer. It served as a teaser for some important changes for Storm Point.

The most important changes are as follows:

  • New Point of Interest – Downed Beast;
  • IMC Armories PvE Content;
  • Quality of Life Changes;

You can read about the Storm Point changes in detail through the Storm Point Update Blog.

Map Rotation Update

For Season 13: Saviors, the following Apex Legends map will serve as the standard rotation:

  • Storm Point;
  • Olympus;
  • World’s Edge;

In addition, Respawn will be removing the two-hour-long rotation block for each of these maps.

Emphasis on Teamplay

For Season 13, Respawn Entertainment has given teamplay utmost importance, which is reflected in their Ranked changes for the new season:

For starters, everyone on a team will now receive RP when anyone gets a kill, not just the person who scored the kill.

Kill RP Cap is also removed and replaced with a new base RP value that rewards RP in descending order. (the more kills you get, the less RP you are awarded)

Respawn has increased the Assist Timer window from 10 seconds to 15 seconds, continuing the trend of teamplay-driven gameplay.

Lastly, Assist Timers will now be refreshed upon the player’s revival.

Prepare to Get Demoted

Demotions were never a thing in Apex Legends. Whenever a player gets promoted to a higher rank, they stagnate or climb up to a higher rank.

This led to a glaring issue for Ranked play, as players who were never supposed to be in the Rank they are currently in could not climb any higher than where they are in terms of Rank.

For Season 13, Respawn Entertainment will be introducing a Demotion system to better place players in their appropriate Rank Tiers.

  • Tier Demotion Protection is available for up to 3 games after a promotion.
  • Players can now demote completely out of a tier, down to the previous division. (Masters>>>50% Diamond 1)
  • 100 RP Bonus for ranking up.

Balance Updates

In terms of in-game balance updates, Respawn Entertainment changed Armor interactions & effects and Crafting Rotations.

As for weapons, several LMG weapons and the Kraber Sniper Rifle were given slight nerfs.

Meanwhile, other weapons such as the Havoc Assault Rifle and Shotguns, such as Mozambique and Peacekeeper, received minor buffs.

World’s Edge will receive some minor redesigns, additional cover, and a nerf to the tier of loot players can get from the Gondola to round things off.

Custom Match System

The Private Match system has been removed for Season 13 in favor of a Custom Match game mode.

Numerous quality of life updates, such as UI and Design improvements, will be added in Season 13, along with other conveniences such as saved Team Names & Match Settings after a completed Custom Match.

The Coming of Saviors

A new Legend, exciting map changes, and Ranked changes are just a few of the numerous updates Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts have lined up for the latest season of Apex Legends.

All these changes have us hyped for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors. We bet you are excited to start a new season as well!

Fortunately for us, Season 13 is due for release in just a few hours, so keep an eye on your Apex Legends client when the update drops.

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