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After the party comes even more partying. Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow is live. Here are the changes you can expect from the new patch.

Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow Patch Notes

Hyperbeat has officially come to a close, taking its place will be a new Apex Legends Mobile Patch called Aftershow.

Aftershow comes with a host of new content, namely a new battle pass, a new game mode, and Ranked system updates, to name just a few. This update is relatively small compared to Hyperbeat, but it brings in important changes and exciting events all the game.

We have listed everything you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow in this guide.

Solo Battle Royale Game Mode

New for Aftershow is a battle royale game mode called Solo Battle Royale.

Typically, Apex Legends players can queue into any game mode solo, but they will eventually be matched up with two other players to complete a squad of three.

The Solo Battle Royale game mode is a true solo game mode that pits solo players against other solo players in a fight to become the next Champion. No third parties here. Just every man for himself in a fight to outlast them all.

Aftershow Seasonal Events

From October 5th to October 21st, players can take part in multiple events lined up for Aftershow.

  • Take Back – From October 8th – 18th, players can complete missions to unlock the Phasing Punisher, Fade.
  • Battle Pass Boost – The Battle Pass boost event will add missions that players can complete to accelerate their Battle Pass progress. October 8th – 10th and October 15th – 17th.
  • 7-Day Log In Streak – From October 14th to 21st, a list of rewards will be made available each day players log into the game. After completing the 7-day login event, an Epic Loba Skin will be attainable after the Aftershow ends.
  • Pro Mode – On October 11th – 12th, players can complete special missions to claim additional Seasonal Currency.
  • Sniper Showcase – An exclusive Saltwater Sentinel Skin will be up for grabs in the Sniper Showcase event that runs from October 5th – 11th.

Battle Pass

Aftershow will feature a new Battle Pass filled with loot and exciting cosmetics, albeit in a shorter than usual track.

Spend just 299 Syndicate Gold and you get a chance to unlock the Purple Reign Loba Legend skin and other premium weapon skins. Of course, the normal battle pass will be filled with valuable loot as well, so grind out that battle pass as quickly as you can to collect them all.

Map Changes

With Hyperbeat now over, some of the exclusive Hyperbeat POIs on Kings Canyon will be removed.

Encore Galore and Pythas Theater will now be removed in both Ranked and normal Battle Royale game modes. Nevertheless, all Seasonal Currency found in supply bins will still be accessible on Kings Canyon.

Ranked Changes

We have covered the Rank Protection cards in another article that you can read here. The Ranked Protection Card event is back on October 8th-10th. This is your chance to collect special protection cards that will keep you from losing Ranked Levels or Ranked Points in Apex Legends Mobile.

The Ranked Level Protector will be part of the event’s daily rewards track that you can claim daily. These Ranked Level Protector cards will prevent a de-rank in lost games where de-ranking is imminent.

On the other hand, you can collect a Ranked Point Protector after completing two Ranked matches daily while the event is active. The Ranked Point Protector card will keep you from losing Ranked Points resulting from a match loss.

It is important to remember that these Ranked Protection cards will only last for 7 days. So it is best to use them and push your luck in as many Ranked matches as you can during the event. As soon as the season ends, these Ranked Protection cards will expire automatically.

Lastly, some changes have been made to ease rank restrictions when queuing with friends in Ranked Mode. Now, players at any rank below Platinum can queue and play Ranked together. This means that you can finally queue up with your friends who are just getting started on their journey to becoming the next Champion.

Party’s Not Over Yet

There’s a ton of reason to be excited about the newest Apex Legends Mobile update. There’s the new game mode, a new set of seasonal events, a new battle pass, and some important ranked updates that should help make the game less stiff and more enjoyable for players new and old alike.

Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow goes live on October 5th. Keep track of those notifications so you don’t miss out when the update goes live.

You can read the full Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow Patch Notes here.

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