GTA 5: Hood Safari Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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The unlikely trio goes on a trip in the hood.

GTA 5: Hood Safari Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

After completing the Three’s Company and The Long Stretch missions in GTA 5, a mission involving Lamar, Franklin, and Trevor named Hood Safari will become playable in-game.

The mission is relatively short and only requires players to complete three relatively easy objectives to get a Gold Medal finish.

This guide will show you how to complete the Hood Safari mission and how you can complete the Gold Medal objectives for this mission in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Hood Safari Synopsis

Franklin arrives at his house to be met by his aunt Denise reprimanding him about hanging out too often with a group of old men (Michael and Trevor). Lamar doubles down on Denise’s take, telling Franklin he hasn’t been going to any meetings or meeting up with the homies lately.

image 637

Lamar then explains to Franklin how important the hood is for their people, how gangs are positive, and how they are part of their heritage. The trio engages in more banter but is cut short when Trevor suddenly arrives at the Clinton front lawn.

image 638

Trevor hands Denise some money telling her to buy herself something nice. Denise initially thanks Trevor for the money but realizes that the money Trevor gave her was only $7. Trevor answers her by saying he asked her to buy something nice, not expensive, and proceeds to insult Denise, calling her a greedy cow.

image 639

As Denise retreats into the house, Franklin asks Trevor what he’s doing in the area. Trevor tells Franklin he wants to make new friends since he’s new in town.

Franklin turns Trevor down, saying he wants to get some rest. Lamar explains to Franklin why he came over – to discuss a little thing. Franklin tells Lamar he’s tired and doesn’t want anything to do with this little thing Lamar was talking about.

Trevor breaks his silence by asking Franklin and Lamar about this little thing. Lamar shuts Trevor down, but Trevor insists on doing something about it.

Lamar tells Franklin about the thing with Stretch, and Trevor insists they immediately go and deal with it right away, so the trio head to a house on Grove Street to buy some drugs.

Upon arrival, the contact gives Lamar a small product sample from the top of a brick stack. However, Trevor was a bit suspicious, so he asked the contact to give him a bigger sample from the bottom side of the stack.

image 646

The contact declined, which piqued Trevor’s suspicions even more. Trevor and the contact engage in a quick tug of war, causing the stack to rip apart in half, exposing the innards as nothing but drywall.

image 647

The contact immediately shuts the door and calls up the local gang to deal with Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor.

image 649

After a stand-off with the local gang, the trio make their way towards the sewers and steal a couple of jetskis to try and outrun the LSPD.

image 656

Gold Medal Objectives

image 636
  • Time – Complete within 7:00.
    • The cutscenes will cut into this time requirement. Skip all cutscenes to buy yourself more time.
  • Headshots – Kill 12 enemies with a headshot. 
    • Aim for the head whenever you can.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Don’t hesitate to take body shots to ensure you land your shots.
    • Landing more successful shots on the body will give you more leeway if you miss your headshot attempts later on. 

Hood Safari Mission Guide

Get in the van and drive towards the marked location on the map.

image 640
image 641
image 642

Get out of the car and walk with Lamar and Trevor towards the contact’s house.

image 643
image 644
image 645
image 648

After a quick cutscene (skip these all cutscenes to save time) a bunch of gang members will come in and storm the area. Now’s a better time than ever to score all those headshots since a ton of gang members will be running in and out of the area.

However, make every shot count, as you need to end the mission with at least 70% accuracy. Do this by aiming for the body on targets that are too far away. Reserve those headshot attempts for enemies that are much closer to you.

image 650
image 651

Switch to Trevor and use Trevor’s special ability to slow time down and score those headshots.

image 652
image 653

Follow Lamar and make your way down towards the sewers. Steal any one of the jetskis and flee towards the open sea.

image 654
image 655
image 657
image 658

Turn around and split up from Franklin and Lamar and head towards the marked location on the map as soon as the game tells you to “Lose the Cops.”

image 660
image 661
image 662

Franklin’s Backyard

Hood Safari is a relatively easy mission to get a Gold Medal in. This introductory mission between Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor will only require you to land 12 headshots and keep your accuracy above 70%. If you skip the cutscenes immediately after starting the mission, you can finish the mission in less than 7-minutes and still have time to spare.

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