Apex Legends Mobile: Leaver Penalty Will Be Removed For Non-Ranked Matches in an Upcoming Patch


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Now players can hop in and out of non-ranked matches guilt-free.

Apex Legends Mobile: Leaver Penalty Will Be Removed For Non-Ranked Matches in an Upcoming Patch

Online games have long since implemented various anti-leaver systems to keep games fun and consistent for everybody.

Besides, playing a game handicapped just because another player on your team decided to leave the game for no apparent reason is no fun, especially if your hard-earned rank is on the line.

While anti-leaver penalties make a ton of sense in a competitive setting, the same cannot be said for unranked or non-Ranked game modes. This is why Respawn Entertainment plans to remove the leaver penalty in non-Ranked matches for Apex Legends Mobile.

On top of removing the Leaver Penalty in non-Ranked, players can expect more servers and optimized ping in the upcoming patch.

One Non-Ranked Game, please. Extra Casual.

Many players have complained about the unnecessary penalties that Apex Legends Mobile imposes on players who leave non-Ranked matches early in Apex Legends Mobile.

While the devs’ intention is pure, it does not make sense to penalize players for leaving matches in a game mode where there is nothing on the line and players play for fun.

By removing the penalties associated with leaving non-Ranked games in Apex Legends Mobile, players can now hop into a casual game of Apex Legends and enjoy a few minutes of gameplay at a time.

This is especially important for any game on mobile, as players sometimes have to tend to uncontrollable circumstances such as calls or emails on their phones on top of playing a mobile game.

More Servers Please

Removing Leaver Penalties in Non-Ranked is a welcome addition that many players will appreciate, but Respawn Entertainment did not stop there.

The next major Apex Legends Mobile update will reportedly feature more servers for the United Kingdom, North America, and France to give players from these regions a better connection quality and, by extension, a better gaming experience.

On top of that, players can expect improved ping across every server available in-game everyone can enjoy the full Apex Legends experience on mobile.

Runaway Success

The amount of success that Apex Legends Mobile is enjoying right now is pretty impressive, considering the game only launched a few weeks ago. With these changes, players can expect Apex Legends Mobile to get even better in the coming months.

We are excited to see where the most popular Battle Royale game goes from here, and we bet you are too.

We will keep you updated with everything Apex Legends Mobile on the PlayerAssist website. While you are there, check out our awesome Gaming Guides, Gaming News, Game Codes, and other gaming content!

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