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Here is all you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile’s Ranked Mode.

Apex Legends Mobile: Ranked Mode Explained

After a long and grueling wait, Apex Legends Mobile has finally released to the mobile gaming public today, May 17th.

Apex Legends fans are probably still learning the ins and outs of the mobile version of the highly-popular battle royale game. After all, the controls for Apex Legends Mobile differ from that of its PC and console counterparts.

While players are busy learning the ropes and gaining XP to unlock Ranked Mode, we have gone ahead and outlined what to expect from Apex Legends Mobile’s Ranked Mode.

How many rank tiers are there in Apex Legends Mobile?

You will be forgiven for expecting the Apex Legends Mobile ranking tiers to mimic the PC and console versions. Unfortunately, there is a slight difference in Apex Legends Mobile’s rank tiers, which we have outlined below.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Tiers

Apex Legends Mobile’s Rank Tiers functions through a Rank Points system. The more points players earn, the higher the rank they will end up in.

  • Bronze (1000 Ranked Points)
    • Three sub-ranks (Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I)
  • Silver (1200 Ranked Points)
    • Four sub-ranks (Silver IV, Silver III, Silver II, Silver I)
  • Gold (2800 Ranked Points)
    • Five sub-ranks (Gold V, Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I)
  • Platinum (4800 Ranked Points)
    • Five sub-ranks (Platinum V, Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I)
  • Diamond (7200 Ranked Points)
    • Five sub-ranks (Diamon V, Diamond IV, Diamond III, Diamond II, Diamond I)
  • Master (10000 Ranked Points)
    • One sub-rank (Master I)
  • Apex Predator (Limited to just 500-750 players with over 10000 RP/server)

Rank Points Requirements to Enter Ranked Matches

Ranking up in Apex Legends Mobile will require players to wager some of their RP or Ranked Points to enter matches according to their current Ranks. Here are the numbers:

  • Bronze – Free,
  • Silver 12 Ranked Points,
  • Gold – 24 Ranked Points,
  • Platinum – 36 Ranked Points,
  • Diamond – 48 Ranked Points,
  • Master – 60 Ranked Points,
  • Apex Predator – 60 Ranked Points.

How to Gain Ranked Points in Apex Legends Mobile

The amount of Ranked Points players can gain from Ranked Mode can vary from one game to another.

However, a few in-match achievements have to be acquired to gain many Ranked Points in Apex Legends Mobile. Some of these are:

  • Match placement,
  • Total number of Kill,
  • Total number of Assists,
  • Revives.

The more Kills, Assists, or Revives players score within a match, the more Ranked Points are rewarded at the end of every match. 

However, the maximum number of Ranked Points players can gain after a match is capped at 250 Ranked Points for now.

The Wait is Over

With Apex Legends Mobile now out in all regions today, we are excited to see what the mobile version of the hugely popular battle royale game will bring to the mobile gaming platform moving forward.

As for the game’s Ranked Mode will only be a matter of time before players earn enough XP to unlock Apex Legends Mobile’s Ranked Mode, where unique challenges and rewards await.

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