How to Beat Perfumer Tricia in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is a game rife with unapologetically powerful enemies, which at times make us feel desperate and hopeless. But this very characteristic feature of the game ‌keeps its player base wanting more. 

How to Beat Perfumer Tricia in Elden Ring

Throughout your journey in the Lands Between, you will stumble upon many formidable optional encounters. A specific boss many will find challenging is Perfumer Tricia. Accompanied by the Misbegotten Warrior, a vile beast, this devious boss can be exhausting. But fret not. We have got the tips to beat Perfumer Tricia.

Perfumer Tricia Overview

Perfumer Tricia
Accompanied by Misbegotten Warrior, Perfumer Tricia is one of the most vexing bosses you’ll come across in Elden Ring.

Perfumer Tricia is an optional boss — a long-range spellcaster carrying a shield to prevent melee attacks. Accompanied by Misbegotten Warrior, a short-distance melee-based combatant with a beast-like appearance, the boss usually takes a few tries to fall. 


Both the bosses come with separate health bars. Perfumer Tricia has an HP of about 1024, while the Misbegotten Warrior is around 3560. 

Weapons and Damage

Perfumer Tricia would mostly keep her distance during combat and use spells like burst attacks, while her shield comes in handy to block melee attacks. On the other hand, the Misbegotten Warrior is a close-range fighter carrying a Greatsword, which it uses to perform a range of slash and smash attacks alongside its occasional claw attacks. 

Elden Ring Perfumer Tricia Location

For the uninitiated, The Unsightly Catacombs is situated in Altus Plateau. The entrance to the Catacombs lies below the Perfumer’s Ruins on the cliff facing southwest. Perfumer Tricia and the Misbegotten Warrior are located at the very end of the Unsightly Catacombs, just after you unlock the final door at the lowest level. 


To stand a chance in this fight, you will have to know the movesets of both the bosses. Let’s get into it.

Perfumer Tricia:

  • Perfume Burst: Tricia will release a relatively slow-moving, orange-colored mist in a wide arc, which detonates after a short while. It can be dealt with either in a side pattern or an over arch pattern. You can roll through the attack as it is ineffective at melee range. 
  • Burst: This attack has a shorter range. Damaging Perfume is sprayed onto the player when too close to Perfumer Tricia. Keep your shield up and try to create some distance between yourself and Tricia to get out of the range of this attack. 

Misbegotten Warrior:

  • Pouncing Slash: The Misbegotten Warrior leaps, covering a great distance, and swings its sword from left to right. The attack is fast and covers a wide arc, usually when you are not in melee range. You can dodge through the slash or under as you see the boss leaping, but do not dodge away from it.
  • Helmbreaker: It raises his sword after performing a spinning slash. It then stomps its weapon forcefully to the ground. You should try to get behind him by dodging toward the side the spinning slash is coming from.
  • Double claw: The Misbegotten Warrior will use its left claw to attack you in two rapid sweeps. Dodge sideways to avoid the attack. 
  • Leaping Smash: The boss leaps and uses both hands to hold its sword horizontally and slam it sideways onto the ground, creating a small shockwave. You can either dodge backward or even under the boss with good timing.  
  • Plunging Blade: The boss performs a spinning slash before leaping upwards and plunging its sword into the player to impale them. You can either dodge sideways or under the boss while it is leaping. 
  • Flurry: The Misbegotten Warrior can combine any of the above attacks into dangerous combos. The only way to avoid this attack is by learning its patterns and timing your dodges accordingly.
  • Whirlwind: The boss raises its right leg to stomp on the ground fiercely and then immediately spins twice and whirls its blade around. Try to dodge away diagonally if you can. You can dodge through before the second spin to get behind him. 
  • Enrage: The boss lets out a roar, which staggers any players and their summons for a short time. As its eyes turn red, you need to step back and ensure that you are not away from its range. 

Pre-fight Preparation 

Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior  in Elden Ring
Bring some help to the fight. Summon your favorite spirit, preferably a tanky one.

Summon Spirit Ashes

The dual boss fight will be exceedingly tougher if you do not summon spirit ashes to aid you in battle. It is recommended to use spirit ashes classified as tanks, such as Lhutel the Headless. Group summons as the Lone Wolf Ashes has proven useful in this fight.

Be choosy with your weapons 

Using a Greatsword with a passive bleed effect could be quite effective for this fight. For instance, swords like the Bloodhound’s Fang are a good option. Flails can also be used to inflict damage.

Do not be afraid to use spells 

Powerful sorceries such as Night Comet and Great Glintstone Shard have proven great options against the Misbegotten Warrior. 

A shield is a must to block some of its attacks 

You can have a shield equipped if the Warrior gets too close to block some of its attacks. Additionally, you can also keep an Opaline Bubbletear with you to reduce the damage you take.

Take advantage of its weaknesses

Perfumer Tricia is vulnerable to bleed and frostbite. Using weapons to inflict these damages on her would be a relatively easy win. 

Stagger the boss

Perfumer Tricia can easily be staggered with fast-moving attacks. Once you stagger it, get a few hits in and step back. Do not quite go all in for the kill, however.

Fighting Strategy

Perfumer Tricia Elden Ring
Deal with one boss at a time. Dispatch Tricia first before going toe to toe with Misbegotten Warrior.

It is time to delve deep into the fighting strategies. Let’s take a look at some build-specific strategies:-

Melee Strategy

Attack Tricia first

As soon as the fight starts, summon your spirit ashes. Use that time to close the distance with Tricia. Once Tricia is dealt with, you can focus on your fight with the powerful Misbegotten Warrior. Group summons like the Lone Wolf Ashes should keep the Misbegotten Warrior preoccupied. 

Dodge properly

Misbegotten Warrior might land a hit on you if you do not time your dodge time and the direction correctly. Whenever the Misbegotten Warrior performs a horizontal swing, dodge through the attack to get behind it instead of dodging backward. When he is leaping to perform a slam attack, ‌dodge backward diagonally.

Stay close

Do not attempt to create distance between yourself and the Warrior, as it possesses powerful leap attacks that cover large distances. Stay close to it and recognize any attack patterns to dodge and counter accordingly. 

Ranged Strategy

The basic tips such as dodging properly and staying close to the boss also apply here. On top of the basics, consider the following;

Deal with one boss at a time

You can follow the same strategy to beat Tricia first. Spells like the Carian Slicer should easily get through its shield. Even if you decide not to take Tricia out at the start, you can attempt to separate them, keeping Tricia in the middle while you fight the Warrior near the edges. You can use the pillars lining the arena walls to block Tricia’s perfume burst attacks. 

It is paramount to focus on one boss at a time. 

Utilize your spells

You can use spells like the Glintstone Pebble whenever you are behind the Misbegotten Warrior. You can use other more powerful spells when you see a gap. Ideally, use spells that will not take a long time to cast. The Radagon Icon can be a huge aid as this talisman shortens the spell casting time by quite a bit. 


Upon defeating both bosses, you will get: 

  • 9,400 Runes;
  • Perfumer Tricia Ashes;

And with that, you have all the knowledge you need to come out victorious in this formidable dual boss fight. With the correct strategy and persistence, you will be through this fight. 

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