Apex Legends: New Legend Catalyst Leaked Abilities


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Apex Legends: New Legend Catalyst Leaked Abilities

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment recently launched Apex Legends Season 15’s official webpage, which you can check out here. Through the webpage, fans finally get confirmation on the new Legend named Catalyst, who Respawn Entertainment describes as an experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer. 

On the other hand, it seems leakers have been working overtime lately, as some juicy leaks on Catalyst’s abilities have already surfaced online ahead of Season 15’s November 1 launch.

We will go over Catalyst’s leaked abilities and their rumored effects in this guide.

Catalyst Leaked Abilities

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is set to launch on November 1 worldwide, which means fans won’t have to wait too long to finally play the new Legend.

The leaked video below shows a placeholder model of what is presumably Catalyst. The video also showcases all of Catalyst’s abilities albeit in a rough and unfinished state.

Nevertheless, it is exciting to get a glimpse of Catalyst’s abilities this early. But like all leaks, it will be best to take this one with a huge grain of salt and wait for Catalyst’s official reveal in the coming weeks.

Passive: Reinforce

Catalyst’s passive ability, Reinforce, works hand in hand with the rest of her abilities in her Tactical ability, Resin Shot, and Ultimate, Ferro Wall. Reinforce will strengthen anything that Catalyst creates with her ferrofluid.

On top of Catalyst’s abilities, Reinforce also affects other structures, such as doors, giving them extra resilience from incoming damage. Wall abilities from other Legends, such as Rampart’s Amped Cover and Newcastle’s Castle Wall, can also benefit from Catalyst’s passive ability.

Tactical: Resin Shot

Catalyst is rumored to have three charges of Resin Shot which she can use to create ferrofluid-based structures such as walls or ramps around the map. Thanks to her passive ability, Reinforce, Catalyst’s Resin Shot can be used as cover briefly, but it can also be destroyed when it takes too much damage.

With three charges to work with, Catalyst is rumored to be able to combine her Resin Shot charges to create ferrofluid terraforms in any shape or form.

Ultimate: Ferro Wall

A complete contrast to Newcastle’s wide wall, Catalyst’s Ferro Wall is rumored to be a tall vertical ferrofluid-based wall that Catalyst can use as cover or as a vertical boost to gain a powerful vantage point. Of course, this wall will be affected by Reinforce as well, so you can expect it to be able to absorb some damage before it breaks off.

Check out this leaked image by @SomeoneWhoLeaks on Twitter showing Catalyst’s Ferro Shard model against a scale Legend.

Defensive Ferrofluid Maestro

Respawn Entertainment is touting Catalyst as a defensive Legend, which means her gameplay will most likely resemble other defense-centric Legends such as Newcastle and Rampart.

It will be interesting to see how the leaks stack up to Catalyst’s actual abilities when her full abilities are officially revealed. Until then, Apex Legends fans can only hope that Catalyst’s skill set remains mostly the same, as she is shaping up to be a very versatile Legend if the leaks are accurate enough.

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