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Axie Infinity took the gaming and cryptocurrency communities by storm, proving that the play-to-earn model is possible. This unique game allows players to breed creatures called Axies. While many other video games have breeding systems, Axie Infinity is more complex than producing offspring.

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide

There’s an entire system to breeding Axies, and it’s somewhat complicated for newbies. Once you get the hang of it, though, it’ll become second nature. Keep reading this Axie Infinity breeding guide to learn more about the breeding process and how genetics work.

The Breeding Process

Breeding Axies is relatively simple and only takes a few steps. However, there are several conditions to fulfill before you start the process:

  • Your Axies must have breed counts of less than seven.
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  • You need some AXS.
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  • Breeding requires SLP.
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If you meet all of these conditions, here’s how to let them mate:

  1. Launch Axie Infinity.
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  2. Head to your inventory.
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  3. Select the first eligible Axie to breed.
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  4. Pick the “Breed” option.
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  5. When the new window pops up, pick another Axie.
  6. Select “Let’s Breed!” to get an Egg.
    8 18 screenshot
  7. Wait for the Egg to hatch your new Axie.
    11 30 screenshot

Once an Axie breeds more than seven times, they become permanently sterile, and there’s no way to reverse it.

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Before breeding your Axies, you may want to check out potential traits first to ensure a higher chance of getting the Axie you want. Once you’ve completed the mating process, eggs will sit in your inventory and take five days to incubate before morphing into an adult Axie.

Axie Genetics

Axies have six body parts affected by genetics, and three genes govern each part’s characteristics. They are:

  • Dominant
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  • Recessive
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  • Minor Recessive
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Dominant genes have a 37.5% chance of inheritance by offspring. Recessive genes, on the other hand, have a drastically lower 9.375% chance. Minor recessive genes get the short end of the stick, with only a 3.125% probability of passing a trait.

In addition to these genes, mutations are another factor in how an Axie turns out. Each recessive gene has a 10% chance of changing into something entirely unexpected. As the name suggests, such features aren’t inherited from either Axie parent.

Dominant genes can’t mutate and thus can’t change.

Mutations can even turn non-pure Axies into pure Axies, though it’s not common. Having many mutations is also improbable, though it could happen. If you’re curious about the likelihood of receiving multiple mutations, here are your chances:

  • 28.24% chance for no mutations
  • 37.66% chance for one mutation
  • 23.01% chance for two mutations
  • 8.523% chance for three mutations
  • 2.131% chance for four mutations
  • 0.379% chance for five mutations
  • 0.049% chance for six mutations

Body Patterns and Genetics

Each Axie has one specific body pattern, and they can also pass on body patterns to their offspring. Body patterns can also combine to form new patterns. If you’re curious and want to research online, the community has worked out formulas to determine how specific patterns emerge from breeding.

No Inbreeding

The developers of Axie Infinity specifically prevent players from inbreeding their Axies. Thus, parents can’t mate with their children. Sibling Axies also can’t breed with each other. However, there are still ways to combine traits and genes through “breeding loops.”

With the ABC or 3-Axie method, you’ll need three Axies. Breed each one twice within the group, with two breeding together and the third breeding with the offspring of the initial two.

Once your first breeding pair have another Axie and your third Axie has an offspring, mate the two offspring together and start the loop. You’ll eventually get to breed unlimited Axies from these few alone.

You can also transition from ABC to ABCD with another Axie into the mating loop somewhere down the line.

What Are Its Traits?

Desirable Axies can command high prices, even up to several hundred thousand dollars. On the other hand, non-pure Axies aren’t in high demand, and their price reflects it. Expect to shell out some cash for any Axie on the market.

Did this Axie Infinity breeding guide help? What’s your favorite Axie body pattern? Have you sold an Axie for a good amount of Ethereum? Let us know in the comments section below.

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