Axie Infinity Ban: How To Avoid It



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To this date, Axie Infinity is one of the largest NFT games on the market, garnering over a million players this year alone. It is responsible for the new NFT hype within the blockchain industry, and a part of its success is caused by its unique play-to-earn system.

Axie Infinity Ban: How To Avoid It

Making money in Axie Infinity can be fairly simple, though it does require effort. It is so easy that players could generate much money simply by playing the game if exploited. The game developers have set some boundaries you should never cross to prevent exploitations. Once crossed, you risk getting banned from the game, which is bad news.

In Axie Infinity, getting banned means having your account – Axies and all of your current earnings deleted by the developers. Once this happens, you can no longer access your account and lose everything. You must create a new account and reinvest money into new Axies if you are banned.

The good news is it is not hard to avoid the dreaded ban hammer. Here are some things you want to avoid doing in the game.

Do Not Have Two Accounts Under One Ronin Wallet

Axie scholarship programs are widespread nowadays. These programs allow others to play the game using your Axies. This is perfect if you have an extra team of Axies to spare. However, there are certain precautions you have to take.

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You should avoid playing with two accounts under one Ronin Wallet if you don’t want to be banned on Axie Infinity. You must make a new Axie account under your current Ronin Wallet if you want the scholarship program to go smoothly.

Do Not Reset Your Device’s Clock

Axie Infinity runs on a global clock that all players share. Some try to be clever and adjust the clock on their devices to reset their energies and dailies. This is a bad idea that will result in a ban on your end. Just stay patient and let the game run its course. It is for the benefit of the game’s economy.

Do Not Play On Multiple Devices

This is one of the most commonly broken laws in Axie Infinity. Some players do this by mistake. The developers do not want you to log in to your account on multiple devices. Some players do this to farm the game at twice the speed. The game will automatically detect if you log in on multiple devices, so do not even think about it.

That being said, you can log in to different accounts, but there is a grace period. If you have logged on to one device, you must wait 24 hours before logging in to a new one. Logging in sooner will, of course, result in a ban as well. Again, this is vital to prevent unfair farming in the game.

Do Not Go AFK

Axie Infinity’s primary game mode is its PVP. A lot of players unknowingly go AFK during matches. This, of course, is bothersome to the other player. Doing it a few times over the day is not a problem. However, you can expect to be banned quickly if you constantly go AFK during a match.

Before you play, make sure you have a stable connection with yourself. Going AFK is not recommended, as you will also lose the match. It is also best to ensure no distractions for the next few minutes until the match ends.

Do Not Play Using Bots

Bots are programs that play your Axie for you. These include playing through Adventure Mode and Ranked Mode automatically. It is a clear disadvantage to other players and takes away all the effort to earn from the game. Axie Infinity can easily detect whether you are using bots on your account, so avoid these at all costs.

Players that use bots often do so using multiple accounts. This allows them to earn a large sum of SLP or smooth love potion per game. You will find many posts that advertise Axie bots promising no bans, but those are all lies. Bots are the easiest to detect for Axie developers, so do not even think about paying for bots.

Following the above steps will help you avoid being banned in Axie Infinity, so you can focus on having fun and making money!

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