What Are Lands In Axie Infinity And Are They Worth It?



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Axie Infinity promotes a play-to-earn system by allowing you to generate a smooth love potion or SLP by doing various tasks within the game. These tasks include playing Adventure Mode and Arena and completing daily tasks. Players do not know there will be another way to generate money in the future, and it could be a treasure trove for those who get in early.

What Are Lands In Axie Infinity And Are They Worth It?

First off, though, what are lands in Axie Infinity? Axie lands are virtual properties you can buy in the marketplace. As of this writing, only 1/4 of the lands in Axie have been purchased since being released in 2019. If the game grows more popular, it will get more buyers, so it might be wise to invest early.

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As of this writing, lands in Axie Infinity are worth as much as 3 Etheretheum a piece or around $15,000. There are four different land rarity tiers, and each land is made out of 64 blocks. The cheapest lands are Savannah, Forest, Arctic, and Mystic. The rarer the land, the more valuable they are, but other perks come with each land rarity tier.

What Are Lands For, And How Can You Buy Them?

Land gameplay is yet to be introduced in the game. However, the developers already know how to determine which lands are worth investing in and which ones are not.

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Lands will act as a home to your three Axies. While inside the land, your Axies can travel to and from Adventures launched in the future. Generally speaking, it would be best to purchase land as close to the center of the map as possible, as this means your Axies can attend events faster.

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The earning system will come from different structures you build on the land. These structures will have various functionalities such as resource production, fishing, and even more features as the developers add them to the game. Moreover, land ownership will also be a means to generate passive income on your end.

You can buy lands for sale on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Again, keep in mind land gameplay is yet to be introduced. The original plan was to launch land gameplay in 2021, but the developers have not discussed it. However, players are expecting the launch of the land gameplay soon. When that happens, ensure you have a lot of funds because the land will be even more costly.

Axie Infinity holds a lot of potential for earning money, and lands are a part of it. If you have the funds, it might be wise to get land in the game as soon as possible. The roadmap for the game looks bright, and it seems like there will be much more in store for the future game.

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