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I’m not one for zombie games, they’re not just for me. But I do respect Back 4 Blood, mainly because this isn’t your usual Dying Light nor Left 4 Dead rip-off. This game is unique, with a lot of depth in the story, and the characters in it. That’s why we made a full character list for Back 4 Blood, and also went through their stories a bit.

Back 4 Blood Characters | Full Character List

Full Character List – Back 4 Blood

It really surprised me how well this game actually looks, particularly the whole multiplayer aspect of it. Co-op strategy and planning is of utmost importance, which I like, and the game is more realistic than your typical zombie game.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many characters in the actual game, only eight, but the possibility for expansion is always there, so I wouldn’t worry much about that.

So, you’re ready to get in on the action of Back 4 Blood, well, here’s a full character list:

  • Evangelo. He has the most impressive stamina recovery, and will give your whole team a speed increase. He can also break out of grabs very quickly.
  • Elijah Walker. Precise kills can increase accuracy, and he will boost damage and health of the whole team. He’s as rugged as they get, a retired army veteran.
  • Holly Forrester. She will increase the stamina of the whole team, and gets stamina with each kill. Holly also has a bat with nails in it!
  • Howard Robert Hoffman. His perks are: ammo capacity boost for the whole team, wield an extra weapon, and spawn ammo with each kill.
  • Doc. The Doc is the support of the team, giving the team a trauma resistance boost, and healing abilities. Plus, she can heal faster when she’s on low health.
  • Karlee. If Karlee’s on your team, then you’ll get a speed boost, she’ll carry an extra quick inventory item, and she can predict hazards.
  • Mom. With Mom, the team will get a one extra life to play with. On top of that, she can revive in an instant, and she can carry more support items.
  • Jim. Jim is a hunter, so he will increase ADS speed, and with his expertise, the team can exploit the zombies’ weak spots. With the precision kills, he can also inflict extra damage.

Of course, they have some more interesting details about their life and story, but we didn’t want to reveal any spoilers. The thing is, there is some depth to these characters, which wasn’t expected.

In the future, we might also see other characters being added to the game, but for now, these are all that players can use.

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