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If you want an alternative to the biggest flop in history- Cyberpunk 2077, then consider the Ascent. We’re being too harsh, but the point is, despite having been developed by an indie studio, this game is a very interesting RPG. However, players do face challenges pretty frequently. For example, many don’t even know how to gain access to the Node or Highstreet which is a requirement for certain missions.

The Ascent Node | How to Gain Access to the Node (Highstreet)

How To Gain Access To The Node (Highstreet) – The Ascent

Accessing this area will require prerequisite objectives, so if you’re particularly trying to get in it before you’ve completed most of the game, it won’t let you.

This becomes a problem once you reach certain quests which will require you to enter this area. However, this usually happens if you’re doing side objectives which are for a higher level.

In any case, to gain access to the Node (Highstreet) in The Ascent, you’ll need to complete ‘Trading Places’ main mission. This mission will be very early on in the game, so complete that, because in some side objectives later, you will have to access the Node.

Trading Places recommended level is 11, and the overall mission is relatively easy. It will be given to you by Poone. Basically, you’ll need to improve IoHab’s security systems, and you’ll need to find a secure source of energy.

You’ll need to gain access to a near powerplant by hacking some sort of an energy distribution backdoor.

There are other similar areas as well, where you’ll need to complete other objectives, before you complete some side missions. The whole story and progress is interconnected, so there are a lot of prerequisites to a lot of missions.

Anyways, at the moment, that seems to be the only way to enter this area, but there might be other ways, which haven’t been discovered yet, but I highly doubt it.

If you don’t know how to access the Node, you simply need to go to the Highstreet entrance and enter, that is, only if you have completed Trading Places.

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