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To say that Hell Let Loose is a bit hectic is an understatement. Still, what started as a Kickstarter, is now a fully-fledged, triple-AAA contender first-person-shooter. With still little information circulating the game, many players are wondering just how many game modes are there in Hell Let Loose? Well, we know the answer, and we’ll also mention some game modes we will like to see in the near future!

Hell Let Loose Game Modes | How Many Game Modes Are There

How Many Game Modes Are in Hell Let Loose?

In all honesty, there is a bit of confusion in the community about this topic. Many players think there are more game modes than they actually are. This is a common thing we see spread across thousands of players.

But we get it, the whole game does look pretty good, especially the combat system, and the graphics aren’t things to ignore. But there aren’t that many game modes in Hell Let Loose.

To put things in perspective, Hell Let Loose only has two game modes: Offensive and Warfare.

The game modes are relatively simple for FPS standards. Offensive is a game mode where there are two teams, one defensive team that controls all areas, and one offensive team, which has the main goal of taking control of those areas.

This game is basically a CTF rip-off from other FPS games, but almost every shooter of this nature has it. All in all, this is the second least favorite game mode.

The other one, Warfare, is a game mode where there are two teams, both competing to control different areas or ‘sectors’ on the map. It is different that Offensive, mainly due to the fact of both teams starting off with the same control.

Whereas the in the Offensive game mode, the defensive team starts with control of all of the sectors on the map, and it is the job of the other team to take control of as many sectors as possible, before the timer runs out.

We would like to see implementation of a lot more game modes in the future like, deathmatch, multiple-team CTF, battle royale, and the list goes on.

However, there is a good chance that there will be much more implementations in the future, mainly due to the fact of Hell Let Loose being particularly a new game at the moment, so development is still in progress.

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