How to Beat the Cryo Hypostasis Daleth in Genshin Impact



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The Cryo Hypostasis is one of the bosses in Genshin Impact and can be found in Dragonspine. Like all other Hypostasis, this one is the concentration of pure Cryo energy. This affects the environment around this creature, causing faster accumulation of Sheer Cold.

How to Beat the Cryo Hypostasis Daleth in Genshin Impact

This Daleth is immune to Cryo attacks as it is the pure form of the element. It also has elemental cubes that act as its shell to protect it from any damage.

The Cryo Hypostasis will manipulate and mold the said cubes to attack the players. It takes time for the cubes to return to their shell form every after attack, giving players a window of opportunity to deal damage to it.


One key to easily defeating this boss is to know how each of its moves starts and ends. The other thing to note is the environmental status of the battle area, which can make the fight a little complicated and annoying. When a character is affected by Cryo, that character will have its movement speed reduced.

ch sheer cold

You can consume a Goulash to slow the accumulation of Sheer Cold; however, it will not do much given the level of Cryo concentration of the battle area.

There are 3 Ruin Braziers around the area that you can activate and go near to reduce Sheer Cold. You can try to lure Daleth to go near it a few times, but this boss will always move back to the center.

ch braziers

Pyro attacks are the top element to use against the Cryo Hypostasis. Second to this is Electro, Geo, and Physical attacks. Anemo attacks can also be used, given that your character can deal massive damage with this element. Since this boss enemy will constantly have the Cryo status, Anemo can only create a Cryo Swirl elemental reaction.

Attack Moves

Ice Spikes

Daleth’s cube shells will fall to the ground and sprout spikes around it. Some of these spikes will poke you right where you are standing, so move to dodge these attacks.

ch ice spikes

Ice Wheel

Daleth will transform into an ice wheel and will roll towards you up to three times. Dodge the strikes and look out if it will move back to continue its rolling attacks. Following the rolls, the Cryo Hypostasis will then lie unprotected for a few seconds.

Ice Spike Shower

Hypostasis Daleth will float a little higher, and its cube shell will turn into ice spikes that face down. It will spray down spikes around it three times before falling without a shield. This will be your window to attack and deal as much damage as you can until the cube shell comes back.

Ice Missiles

Daleth will float again with a seal and have eight cubes spread around it. These cubes will send out ice spike missiles towards you to deal Cryo damage.

Regeneration State

When you succeed in reducing Daleth’s HP to 5% or below, it will create a Cryo shield and enter a regeneration state. Meaning, it will recover HP to continue the battle if you do not break the Cryo shield. During this state, Daleth will also drop Frostfruits and send ice spike missiles.

ch regeneration

Cryo Shield

You can use Pyro or Electro attacks to break Daleth’s shield while in the regeneration state. However, the easiest way to break it is to hit it with Frostfruits.


Daleth will drop three Frostfruits, and the first one will be right where you are standing. The other two will fall on the sides but follow the distance to where the first one landed. When a Frostfruit is on the floor, quickly hitting it with a charged attack greatly reduces the durability of Daleth’s Cryo shield.


Since the first Frostfruit will indicate the distance where the other two will fall, it is better to stay close to Daleth as he throws the Frostfruits. If these things fall closer, the less you have to run to get to all Frostfruits.

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