How to Beat Margit the Fell Omen, First Boss in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring has more than 100 encounters that could be classified as a “boss fight,” but the number of bosses you need to beat to complete the main story is much smaller. The minimum number is about 13 or so, but the game gives you options, depending on your choices throughout your journey.

How to Beat Margit the Fell Omen, First Boss in Elden Ring

Regardless of which of the “main” bosses you decide to go for, the first major boss fight that most players following the intended progression path will encounter is Margit, the Fell Omen.

Margit acts as the gatekeeper for the Stormveil Castle dungeon. He is quick on his feet and requires patience and possibly some parrying if you want to defeat him.

Margit the Fell Omen Overview

Margit the Fell Omen Boss Guide
Margit, the Fell Omen, is fast and has unpredictable combos. Fight at midrange, keep a shield up and parry when you can.

Hit Points: Margit, the Fell Omen, has 4,174 HP on your first playthrough.

Types of Damage: Margit deals Strike, Pierce, Holy and Standard Damage.

Weapons: Staff in right hand, periodically summons a magic blade into his left hand. Summons a magic hammer at 60 percent health as part of a special attack.

Parrying the Boss: Margit can be parried when he attacks with his staff. You must parry his staff twice to leave him open for a counter. You can NOT parry his magic blades or the hammer, so use your dodge or keep your distance.

Main Attack Pattern: Margit’s staff is a slower attack but deals heavy damage. It is not uncommon for him to attack with a magic blade immediately after finishing a staff swing. The magic blade is much faster and is often used for a quick combo at close range.

Combos: Margit is fast and unpredictable. He will go back and forth between the staff and the magic blades and then suddenly toss a huge magic blade combo. Keeping a shield up at close range is best since you can not always predict his next combo, making it harder to dodge in time.

Special Attacks:

  • Tail swipe: If Margit senses you behind him following the end of a combo, he will try to take your feet out with his tail, knocking you to the ground and leaving you wide open.
  • Magic blade toss: If you retreat far away from Margit and he is not preoccupied with another attacker, he will summon TWO magic blades and throw them at you.
  • Hammer jump: At 60 percent health, he summons a glowing hammer in his left hand. He will swing it if you are at close range, but he will jump at you and slam it down if you are far away.

Pre-Fight Preparation

Margit the Fell Omen Boss Guide Lone Wolf Ashes
Use the Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes (or a friend in multiplayer) to distract Margit while you attack him.

Convert Flasks to Crimson Tears

Melee should go to a Site of Lost Grace and turn every flask into Crimson Tears for more healing. Magic users will want at least one Cerulean Tears for Focus Points, but healing is very important for this fight, so try to get by with just one.

Get Margit’s Shackle

Margit’s Shackle is a tool item that will temporarily bind Margit to the ground and stun him, letting you get some free attacks in.

Margit’s Shackle is sold by an optional boss named Patches for 5000 runes. (Stop attacking him when he is at low health or when you are at low health and either accept his surrender or choose to “grovel” for your life and he will become friendly and stop attacking you.) You have to defeat Patches first before opening his shop in Murkwater Cave.

Get the Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes

Spirit ashes send an NPC into combat and can distract whatever you are fighting. The Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes are a good choice for Margit because three wolves will attack him at once. It will take Margit some time to kill all three, allowing you time to get in your attacks until they are dead.

You get the Lone Wolf Ashes from Renna at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. Renna will be sitting next to some ruins. All you have to do is return to the Church after meeting Melina and getting Torrent, your mount, to do this right at the start of the game.

Casters Should Use Glintstone Stars

Glintstone Stars is a Sorcery spell that deals with three projectile magic attacks from range, and it’s a solid option for this fight. It can be hard to find an opening to get the spell off, but you can use the wolves or a friend in multiplayer to assist you.

Melee Should Use Ash of War: Barricade Shield

This Ash of War will upgrade your shield to be more effective, allowing you to stay at close range and block and counter Margit’s attacks more easily. This Ash of War drops off of Night’s Calvary at the Weeping Peninsula.

Fight Strategy

Margit the Fell Omen Boss Guide Hammer Attack
Dodge Margit’s Magic Hammer and then attack him after he slams his weapon into the ground.

Stay at Midrange

Fighting up close and personal with Margit is not a good idea because of his unpredictable combo patterns. You do not want to go too far away either because he will do his Blade Throw. Try to stay out of melee range but not too far back while keeping a shield up. Wait for an attack pattern to end, and then get in your blow.

If you must stay in melee range, try to parry two staff swings in a row to give yourself an opening.

Don’t Get Greedy

Margit is extremely fast and, again, unpredictable with his combos. The best strategy for close-range or midrange is to get in just one or two light hits and then put your shield back up or get out of the way.

If you try to get in a long combo of your own or charge up a heavy attack, it will not end well.

Wait for the Hammer

Moments to attack Margit will be few and far between. He gives you the biggest opening when he makes his plunging hammer attack. When you see him pull it out at 60 percent health, you want to run away and bait him into leaping at you intentionally. Dodge roll towards him so that his hammer comes down behind you. You will then be standing right in front of him and will be able to get in a few attacks while he recovers.

Use Your Spirit Ashes or Other Players to Distract Him

Because Margit does not start making his hammer attack which gives you his biggest opening until 60 percent, you may want to use your Lone Wolf Spirit Ash at the start of the fight to try and get him down to 60 percent as quickly as possible. Attack him from behind while he is preoccupied.

Of course, every fight in Elden Ring is easier when you have some friends.

Use multiplayer mode, and you can take turns blocking or dodging Margit while other players deal damage.


Margit, the Fell Omen, will drop a mountain of Runes upon defeat. The exact amount can vary based on the player’s level.

You will also get a new Talisman Slot, which is used to equip an item that will give your character an additional buff.

Finally, defeating Margit will open up Stormveil Castle, the game’s first Legacy Dungeon.

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