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One of the pair of siblings who have inherited one of the three most respected and prestigious clans in Inazuma City, the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, is named Ayaka. A dignified, elegant, wise, and strong young lady.

How to Play Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayaka earned the title of Shiragashi Himegimi after gaining a high reputation for appearing at social occasions and having a lot of interactions with the common folk while taking care of the clan’s internal and external affairs.

At a young age, Ayaka was forced to grow up and carry out some of the clan’s duties when a huge change happened to the Kamisato Clan. Despite not being perpetually gifted at memorizing poetry, writing elegantly, or brandishing her sword, Ayaka did not waver. She would do it again fifty times more whenever she failed at something.

Story Quest: The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit

In Kamisato Ayaka’s story quest, you will help her fulfill her mother’s dream of reuniting with a long-time friend she is talking about in her diary. You will know Ayaka’s character more personally as you roam around Inazuma doing certain tasks.

During your trip around Narukami Island, you will also witness how the people of Inazuma City care for and love Ayaka and the Kamisato Clan.

How to Get Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka has been leaked, and most players anticipated her release since Genshin Impact’s release in September of 2020. In June 2021, Kamisato Ayaka was released as a 5-star character that can only be obtained by making wishes on a Character Wish Banner. These types of wish banners will feature certain characters for a limited time.

During the 2.6 version update of the game, Ayaka had her banner rerun because she is part of the game version’s story and event.

To know more about obtaining characters in Genshin Impact, please see our guide on the topic here.

Team Role: Main Damage-Dealer or DPS (Damage Per Second) Character

Kamisato Ayaka is designed to be the main damage dealer of the team. Her attack move sets are quick and deal a lot of damage. Ayaka’s kit allows her to throw elemental attacks, specifically the Cryo element.

When paired with Chongyun, Kamisato Ayaka can benefit from the Cryo weapon infusion of the exorcist’s elemental skill. Mona, Xingqiu, or Barbara can also work with the said pair and be able to freeze enemies, which also works as crowd control or defense to avoid taking damage.

Ayaka works well with other support Cryo characters such as Chongyun, Rosaria, Diona, and Shenhe. Having 2 Cryo characters will activate the Shattering Ice elemental resonance, increasing the entire party’s Critical Rate by 15% against opponents Frozen or affected by Cryo.

Talents and Play Style

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Kamisato Art – Kabuki

With this talent, Ayaka can perform up to five rapid strikes. When the talent or attack button is held, she will make a charged attack that consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash a flurry of sword ki.

When the normal attack button is pressed while Ayaka is suspended mid-air, like jumping or gliding, she will perform a plunging attack. Ayaka will strike the ground below and damage surrounding enemies and the ones along the path of her descent.

Elemental Skill: Kamisato Art: Hyouka

Using this elemental talent will have Ayaka perform one of her dance moves to summon blooming ice that will launch nearby opponents and deal Cryo damage to them.

Elemental Burst: Kamisato Art: Soumetsu

Ayaka will summon a snowstorm with flawless poise when this talent is used. This will unleash a Frostflake Seko no To, a storm of whirling icy winds that slashes at every opponent it touches.

The Frostflake Seko no To will continuously move forward, dealing Cryo damage, and it will then explode as its duration ends.

Special Combat Talent: Kamisato Art: Senho

This special talent is an Alternate Sprint which converts the manner and appearance of Ayaka’s dodge, dash, and sprint.

With this, Ayaka will consume Stamina to cloak herself in a frozen fog that moves with her. It allows her to move swiftly on land and continuously sprint above the water surface.

As Ayaka reappears from the frozen fog cloak, she will unleash frigid energy that applies Cryo to the surroundings and nearby opponents. The coldness will also condense around her weapon and infuse it with Cryo, converting Ayaka’s attacks from physical to Cryo for a brief period.

This special talent is an indication that Ayaka should be built by prioritizing Cryo damage. Physical damage bonus stats will be useless when her blade gets infused with Cryo, which will happen most of the time during combat.

Passive Talents

Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification

If this passive talent is unlocked, whenever Ayaka uses her elemental skill, the Kamisato Art: Hyouka, her normal and charged attacks will be boosted to deal 30% more damage for 6 seconds.

This suggests that you should have Ayaka use her elemental skill whenever it is ready before doing her normal and charged attack combos.

Kanten Senmyou Blessing

This passive talent enhances the effect of Ayaka’s alternate sprint, the Kamisato Art: Senho. With this unlocked, whenever the Cryo application when Ayaka reappears from the frozen fog state of her alternate sprint hits an opponent, she will gain 10 Stamina and an 18% Cryo damage bonus for 10 seconds.

The Kanten Senmyou Blessing further suggests a Cryo build Ayaka because you can press dodge or sprint once to infuse Cryo to her weapon, which will trigger this passive talent’s effect.

Fruits of Shinsa

Fruits of Shinsa is a passive talent that gives a bonus when crafting weapon ascension materials. If you select Kamisato Ayaka when crafting certain materials, you will have a 10% chance of getting double that material.

Constellation: Grus Nivis

Constellation Level 1: Snowswept Sakura

When you unlock Kamisato Ayaka’s first constellation level, her elemental skill Kamisato Art: Hyouka will have a 50% chance of decreasing its cool downtime by 0.3 seconds whenever Ayaka’s normal and charged attacks deal Cryo damage to opponents.

This enhancement suggests that you make sure Ayaka’s weapon is infused with Cryo at all times so that her elemental skill can be used more often.

Constellation Level 2: Blizzard Blade Seki no To

Blizzard Blade Seki no To is Kamisato Ayaka’s second constellation level, enhancing her elemental burst talent, the Kamisato ArtL Soumetsu.

This gives the elemental burst two smaller additional Frostflake Seki no To when used, and each deals 20% of the original snowstorm’s damage.

Constellation Level 3: Frostbloom Kamifubuuki

Unlocking Kamisato Ayaka’s constellation level 3 will increase the level of her elemental burst, Kamisato Art: Soumetsu, by 3. It also upgrades the talent to have a maximum level of 15 instead of 10.

Constellation Level 4: Ebb and Flow

The fourth constellation level of Kamisato Ayaka is Ebb and Flow, and it will further enhance her elemental burst talent. With this constellation level, the opponents hit by the Frostflake Seki no To of the Kamisato Art: Soumetsu will decrease their defense by 30% for 6 seconds, greatly increasing the succeeding damages dealt with the talent as well as the incoming hits from Ayaka and her team.

Constellation Level 5: Blossom Cloud Irutsuki

Unlocking Blossom Cloud Irutsuki—Grus Nivis’ fifth level—will increase the level of Kamisato Ayaka’s elemental skill, the Kamisato Art: Hyouka. It will also upgrade its maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 6: Dance of Suigetsu

This final level of the Grus Nivis constellation will grant Kamisato Ayaka the Usurahi Butou every 10 seconds, which will increase the damage of her charged attack by a fixed 298%. This buff will be cleared when the charged attack hits an opponent and will restart the timer of the Usurahi Butou.

The Usurahi Butou buff will be indicated by a sparkling light on Ayaka’s right wrist.

How to Build Kamisato Ayaka

Since she is a DPS character, you should build Ayaka in a way that greatly enhances her overall damage output. And despite being a sword-wielder, the majority of her attacks are elemental, specifically Cryo. With this, the stat to prioritize for Kamisato Ayaka should be the Cryo damage bonus.

Kamisato Ayaka’s ascension stat is Critical Damage, which allows you to get more Critical Rate stats from her equipment but still have strong critical hits.

The Best in Slot (BiS) weapon for Ayaka has a secondary stat of Critical Damage. Still, if you were not lucky enough to get it, you can always have the 4-star Critical Damage sword or the ones with Critical Rate as a secondary stat.

Also, remember that having another Cryo character in her party will help make up for the low Critical Rate if you have this problem.

Weapon: Sword

5-Star Swords

Mistsplitter Reforged

The Mistsplitter Reforged is considered Kammisato Ayaka’s BiS weapon and was released alongside her. It has Critical Damage as its secondary stat and a passive effect that grants a 12% elemental damage at refinement level 1.

Suppose this sword is equipped in situations where Ayaka’s normal attacks deal elemental damage, when she uses her elemental burst, or when her elemental energy is less than 100%. In that case, she will receive a stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem. 1 stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem will grant 8% elemental damage at refinement level 1, 2 stacks will give a 16% bonus, and three stacks will grant 28% elemental damage bonus.

Ayaka can easily get a stack of the Mistsplitter’s Emblem with all three scenarios, making her one of the best characters to use this weapon.

Primordial Jade Cutter

This jade sword is one of the most versatile weapons in Genshin Impact and will work perfectly for Kamisato Ayaka. The Critical Rate secondary stat will help you reach the ideal Crit Rate level to focus on building as much Critical Damage as you can from artifacts.

Haran Geppaku Futsu

One of the time-limited weapon banner items is the Haran Geppaku Futsu. It has a lower Critical Rate secondary stat than the Primordial Jade Cutter, but its Base ATK at level 90 is 608, which is much higher.

Aside from the 12% elemental damage bonus that this weapon’s passive effect grants, it will further boost Ayaka’s normal attack damage whenever a character in her party uses an elemental skill.

4-Star Swords

The Black Sword

The Black Sword is a Battle Pass weapon, which means you need to spend real money. If you are willing to do so, you can get one of the best 4-star swords in this game.

Its secondary stat is Critical Rate which is quite challenging to build for a character, and it grants a damage increase to the user’s normal and charged attacks. This is pretty useful for Kamisato Ayaka’s play style.

Blackcliff Longword

You can get this weapon by exchanging Masterless Starglitters from the Paimon’s Bargains shop.

The Blackcliff Longsword has Critical Damage as its secondary stat and is a passive that increases the wielder’s ATK whenever an opponent is defeated. It shines in situations where many smaller or weaker enemies are present on the field.

Amenoma Kageuchi

Aesthetically speaking, this sword fits well for Ayaka, but it still is a decent weapon for her. With her elemental burst requiring 80 elemental energy to be used, the passive effect of the Amenoma Kageuchi can help Ayaka regenerate energy much faster.

The Flute

The Flute is a decent sword for any DPS character they can equip. Its stats and passive effect will help dish out decent damage on any opponents.

Artifacts for Kamisato Ayaka

Blizzard Strayer

This artifact set is, by default, the best choice for a Cryo DPS character like Kamisato Ayaka. Its 2-piece set gives a 15% Cryo damage bonus, and the 4-piece set will increase the character’s Critical Rate against opponents that are either affected by Cryo or Frozen.

Against opponents affected by Cryo, the Critical Rate bonus is 20%, and if the opponent is frozen, the bonus will be increased by an additional 20%.

Ayaka’s alternate sprint, elemental skill, elemental burst, Cryo-infused normal, and charged attacks can easily apply Cryo or freeze an opponent. Thus, triggering the effect of the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer will be a piece of cake.

Gladiator’s Finale

Aside from the 18% ATK bonus of its 2-piece set, using four pieces of the Gladiator’s Finale will grant a 35% damage boost to Ayaka’s normal attacks because her weapon is a sword.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

The 2-piece set of this artifact also gives an 18% ATK bonus to the character. With the 4-piece set equipped, if Ayaka has 15 or more energy when she casts her elemental skill, she will lose 15 energy. But, at the same time, her normal, charged, and plunging attacks will have a damage bonus of 50% for 10 seconds.

With Kamisato Ayaka’s kit and play style, using her elemental skill to gain energy and then doing her normal and charged attack combos should be the best way to utilize this artifact’s 4-piece set effect.

Echoes of an Offering

The 2-piece set of this artifact, like the two above, gives an 18% ATK bonus. If a 4-piece set is equipped, when normal characters’ attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance it will trigger the Valley Rite buff. This buff will increase the normal attack damage by 70% of the character’s ATK.

With Kamisato Ayaka’s quick normal attack combo, triggering the Valley Rite buff will not be a problem.

2-Piece Artifact Sets Combined

Since farming for artifacts will take you time and a lot of Resin, getting the perfect set is never easy. However, you can always check the ones you already have and see what works for Kamisato Ayaka.

The Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, Echoes of an Offering, and Vermillion Hereafter give an 18% ATK bonus with its 2-piece sets, which can be paired with the 2-piece set of the Blizzard Strayer. Noblesse Oblige is also a decent choice, especially if your playstyle involves using Ayaka’s elemental burst whenever it is available.

These five artifact sets can also be combined, and you will still get decent stats and damage output for your Kamisato Ayaka.

Artifact Main Stats

Since Ayaka is a DPS character, you should equip her with a Goblet of Eonothem with Cryo Damage Bonus as its main stat and a Circlet of Logos with a main stat that is either Critical Rate or Critical Damage.

Ascension Materials

Leveling characters to the maximum level will need to ascend them multiple times, and to do this, you need ascension materials. Below are the items you need to gather or farm to ascend the Princess of the Kamisato clan.

Perpetual Heart

This item is the core that serves as the power source that allows the Perpetual Mechanical Array to move autonomously. You can get a few of this power core when you defeat the mechanical boss.

Sakura Bloom

Sakura Blooms are the blossoms from the Sacred Sakura at the Grand Narukami Shrine, filled with a fondness for Inazuma. It is one of the local specialties of the Electro nation and can only be found around Narukami Island.

Old, Kageuchi, and Famed Handguards

These are different types of handguards mounted on the blades of Nobushis of all levels. These are dropped when you defeat them, and the higher quality or rarity ones can be crafted using the town’s crafting bench.

Shivada Jade Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones

These mineral crystals can be obtained from boss enemies manipulating the Cryo element. Boss enemies such as Cryo Regisvines, Cryo Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, La Signora, Andrius the Dominator of Wolves, and even Azhdaha.

You can also get these from quest and commissions rewards by crafting them using the ones with lower rarity levels.

Talent Level-Up Materials

Building a character includes increasing the level of their combat talents, and each level will require certain items as materials for the leveling up process. For Kamisato Ayaka, aside from Mora and Nobushi Handguards, you will need a few Bloodjade Branches.

A Bloodjade Branch is one of the materials dropped when defeating Azhdaha in the Beneath the Dragon-Queller Trounce Domain. It is part of the bone branches that glitter with strange, unique colors. These branches steeped with dragon blood were believed to have been born and grown when hatred coursed through the natural streams and kissed the cold moonlight.

The talent scrolls you will need to level up Kamisato Ayaka’s combat talents are those of the “Elegance” series, which you can collect by completing the challenge in the Violet Court Domain of Mastery: Thundering Valley.

These scrolls include the Teachings of Elegance, Guide to Elegance, and the Philosophies of Elegance. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

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