How to Beat Scaly Misbegotten in Elden Ring


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The number of challenges in Elden Ring is endless. From dragons to deadly swordsmiths, the enemies in the game find numerous ways to crush players’ spirits.  

How to Beat Scaly Misbegotten in Elden Ring

Amongst those deadly enemies is the Scaly Misbegotten. Despite being one of the easier bosses out there, the fight can soon get messy without the right resources at your disposal.

Scaly Misbegotten Overview

This optional boss might be intimidating to look at, but it’s one of the easiest to beat.

Scaly Misbegotten is an optional field boss. Although it might look intimidating with its giant ax and ominous arena, the boss is not tough. You need the right guide to ease you through the battle. Some players may get tricked by its “delayed attacks” by underestimating their effectiveness. However, if you get hit even once, you can sustain serious damage.

Health: Scaly Misbegotten will have around 1100 HP on your first playthrough. There are no other health bars or phases.

Types of Damage: Scaly Misbegotten only inflicts physical damage.

Weapons: Scaly Misbegotten wields a giant ax with both its hands.

Weakness: The boss is weak to thrust attacks and all status effects – especially fire.

Parrying: Most attacks can be parried if timed correctly despite the size and intimidating attacks.

Elden Ring Scaly Misbegotten’s Location: There is only one variant of Scaly Misbegotten, which can be found prowling around Mourne Tunnel, Weeping Peninsula. 


  • Rolling Headbutt: A distance-closing move where it rolls towards you and smashes its head on the ground. Easily dodge-able if you look out for the head raise after the roll.
  • 1, 2 Swing: A slow double swing attack. It will walk up to you, swing once, walk again, and swing for a second time. It is an easily predictable move, allowing for a punishing attack after rolling behind it.
  • Slash: Scaly Misbegotten performs a diagonal slash after raising the ax over its head, but you can dodge roll, or parry the attack.
  • Jump Attack: Leaps into the air and comes back with a strong ground smash. Getting caught by this attack can be devastating, but it can be avoided by jumping or rolling backward.

Pre-fight Strategy

Though the fight can be taken on alone, summoning Spirit Ashes will make light work of the boss.

Players usually get past the Scaly Misbegotten on their first or second attempt. Here is how to prepare for the fight ahead:-

Master Parrying

Thanks to its slow tempo, you can end the battle in seconds if you parry Scaly Misbegotten’s attacks. Practice parrying a few times before going in, and you will have a higher chance of succeeding. 

Summon Spirit Ashes to your aid

Summons are allowed during this fight, making the fight a bit easier. Go with either Lone Wolf Ashes or the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, which are available pretty early in the playthrough. 

Get the Flame Sling

As the Scaly Misbegotten is weak to fire damage, the Flame Sling can reduce it to ashes in a few minutes. You can get it from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold for 800 Runes.

Fight Strategy

Circle around the boss, evading its attacks in the process. Land a backstab or two.

The Scaly Misbegotten is similar to the foes you might have encountered in South Limgrave, with the only difference being its enlarged ax. So, the fight should not catch you by surprise. It is time to strategize.

One general tip is to circle the boss to get a backstab. The boss is weak to such attacks, and its lingering movements allow for easy encircling.

Melee Build

We recommend using a dex weapon like the Uchigatana. The sluggishness of the Scaly Misbegotten should help you land a few combos before it gears up for a counter. Do not be afraid to rush in and immediately land a few combos at the start.

Use jump attacks

There will be many instances when the boss will try swinging at you, but you can evade them by jumping over them. Take this a step further and throw your attack into the mix. You can land a devastating jump attack, removing a huge chunk of its health.

Magic and Ranged Users

Thanks to its tardiness, magic users will have an easier time with the Scaly Misbegotten.

End the fight before it even starts

As you enter the arena, start spamming your spells. Some spells like the Comet Azur or Fireball are so powerful that their 2-3 hits can end the fight. Before the Scaly Misbegotten can even approach you, it will already be in its grave.

Keep your distance

You should not sustain much damage from the boss if you use ranged attacks. The arena is wide enough to move around freely, and you should leverage that. Why waste your flasks when you can easily attack from afar? Continue to shoot your arrows or spells, and the fight will soon be over.  


When you beat the Scaly Misbegotten, you’ll be able to celebrate your victory with the following rewards:

  • 2000 Rune
  • Rusted Anchor

With that, you now know everything to handle the Scaly Misbegotten. The fight should be a breeze, especially if you follow our tips. 

Did our guide help you beat the Scaly Misbegotten? Did we miss out on any tips? Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section.

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