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The Prinzessin der Verurteilung who was exiled from the otherworld, Immernachtreich, observes and weaves the threads of fate. Together with her familiar Ozvaldo Hrafnavins, Fischl serves as an investigator of the Adventurers’ Guild.

What is the Best Build for Fischl in Genshin Impact

Fischl is a damage-dealing character that offers flexible playstyles that complement many party and team compositions. She can be your main DPS with either a Physical or Electro build and she can also work well as a damage support with the help of Oz.

This guide will help you decide whether a physical type or not is the best build for your Fischl.

Playstyles, Roles, and Build

Main DPS – Physical

As a main DPS, Fischl will be on the field all the time with a few switches between other supporting characters.

fb normal attack 1

For this role, the main talent to focus is her normal attack, since her elemental skill and elemental burst will both just summon Oz. When Oz is summoned, he will also attack opponents with Electro.

fb normal attack 3

Normal attacks mainly scale off of Physical damage, thus going the Physical damage route will maximize a Fischl of this build. Using weapons and equipping artifacts with Physical DMG bonuses should be your priority if you choose this build.

Main DPS – ATK and Electro

Electro DMG stat will increase the summoning damage of Nightrider, as well as the Falling Thunder DMG of the elemental burst Midnight Phantasmagoria. This will also affect the damage of Fischl’s fully-charged aimed shot.

fb oz summon 2

Since the ATK bonus is a safe stat for increased damage, you can build a lot of this for Fischl. Just make sure to have a decent amount of Critical Rate and Critical DMG for optimum output. Having increased ATK and Electro will give a balance of damage dealt by both Fischl and Oz.

Damage Support

A support Fischl can deal damage to the opponent when she is off the field, as well as trigger Electro-related elemental reactions with the help of her familiar.

Fischl’s elemental skill, Nightrider, will summon the night raven Oz that will continuously attack opponents for several seconds. Oz will stay on the field even if you switch to other characters.

fb oz aloy

Oz’s attack–Freikugel–deals Electro damage which, when paired with other elements can trigger elemental reactions.

The summoning damage of Nightrider, the Falling Thunder DMG of Midnight Phantasmagoria, and Oz’s Freikugel deal Electro damage. With this, having a Goblet of Eonothem with Electro DMG Bonus and a 2-Piece Thundering Fury artifact will increase these talents’ damage.

Oz paired with characters that can easily apply other elements, like Hydro and Pyro, can trigger elemental reactions a lot of times. When this happens, opponents will be struck by a Thundering Retribution, with damage that scales off of Fischl’s ATK.

fb oz childe


Like every versatile character that can do distinct roles in different party compositions, the best best weapon for Fischl will depend on the type you are building.

Skyward Harp, Amos Bow, and Thundering Pulse

All these 5-star weapons work well with Fischl regardless of role, build, and playstyle. These have higher base attacks compared to 4-star bows, which boost all of her damage.

However, if you want to fully buff Oz, especially on C6, you can choose Amoz Bow as it gives ATK% as a secondary stat.

For a Physical DPS Type

Compound Bow

This bow can be obtained by crafting it with the blacksmith, which makes it one of the easiest bows to get when you’re still in lower Adventurer Ranks.

fbb compound 1

Its passive effect will add bonuses of ATK and ATK Speed whenever a normal or charged attack hits an opponent. This makes it perfect for a Physical DMG build.

Mitternachts Waltz

This bow also offers a Physical DMG Bonus for a secondary stat. When equipped, normal attack hits on opponents will increase the damage to Fischl’s elemental skill and vice versa.

fb mitternachts

For a Non-Physical DPS and a Support Types

The following weapons are 4-star rarity bows that will work for both an Electro DPS and a support type Fischl.

Any weapon that increases Fischl’s attack will work as her weapon. Aside from the 5-star bows mentioned above, listed below are 4-star options that you can equip your Prizessin.

Alley Hunter and Hamayumi

Both of these bows have ATK% as a secondary stat, but the numbers are different. When compared, the Alley Hunter will give Fischl a higher ATK than what she gets with Hamayumi.

Alley Hunter’s passive is also designed for a character that doesn’t need to stay on the field most of the time. Which makes it perfect for a support type Fischl.


This 4-star bow’s passive bonus will increase the user’s normal attack damage but decrease their charged attack damage.

fb rust

With a DPS Fischl’s playstyle that focuses more on normal hits, this weapon is surely a great choice. This will also work well with a physical type for the same reason.

Prototype Crescent

fb prototype

This weapon also has an ATK% bonus and can be obtained by crafting. Its passive will temporarily increase ATK to a certain percentage if a charge attack hits on an opponent’s weak points.

The Stringless

fb stringless

Although the stat bonus of this bow doesn’t do much for Fischl’s overall build, its passive effect will boost the damage when summoning Oz and as well as that of the elemental burst.

Mouun’s Moon

fb mouuns

Mouun’s Moon is another 4-star bow that has a secondary stat bonus of ATK%, which makes it a safe choice if you do not have any other bow.

Oz Boosts Through Constellations

Fischl’s constellations mostly enhance the damage that Oz can make. And if you have unlocked all of her constellations, the damage support playstyle will be boosted.

fb oz burst 1

Constellation Level 2: Devourer of All Sins – this increases the summoning damage and AOE of Nightrider in an amount that scales off of Fischl’s ATK.

fb constellation 1

Constellation Level 6: Evernight Raven – unlocking this constellation will extend Oz’s presence on the field. The familiar will also perform a joint attack with your active character that deals 30% of Fischl’s ATK.

fb constellation 2


Going full Physical build is not a bad choice for Fischl, especially when your playstyle focuses on doing normal attacks rather than casting elemental skills and elemental bursts.

However, a physical build will somehow neglect the potential of Fischl’s elemental skill and burst talents, especially when you have unlocked all 6 constellations. A physical Fischl will also ignore Oz’s potential as a support creature.

fb img 2

A damage support Fischl means a high damage Oz. This type can be a pure ATK build or a combination of ATK and Electro. However, in an elemental reaction team, a higher ATK for Fischl means high damage for the Thundering Retribution.

fb oz atk 1

For both DPS and Support types, ATK and Electro build will maximize Fischl’s kit, especially in C6 where all constellation levels were unlocked.

If you don’t mind having lower passive, elemental skill, and elemental burst damages, going full Physical DMG build won’t be so bad.

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