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Medieval games have always been very adored by role-playing games enthusiasts. There is something about playing in Medieval times which structs a golden gaming experience. However, not many like these games, so there isn’t that much choice if you are a Medieval fan.

Best Medieval Games of 2021 – Greatest Medieval Games

Thankfully though, in 2021 that changes! We have compiled an extensive list showcasing the best titles that will be Medieval themed in the year of 2021.

Each of these games offers a different kind of experience, while all keeping in the same theme. Different stories, worlds, gameplay, and so much more.

Even if you aren’t a Medieval role-playing games fan, there will still be something in this list which will be appealing to you!

The Best Medieval Games of 2021

We judged these games on a few different categories like story, gameplay, mechanics, graphics, theme, and similar.

With some it was hard to work out some aspects like gameplay and mechanics since not all had gameplay at the time of writing.

Here are the best and greatest Medieval games of 2021:

1. Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood has one of the most interesting concepts for a medieval game of them all. You play as an outlaw or a legend who steals from the most powerful and rich.

Kings, kingdoms, princes, and all of the royal families are your enemies. But you don’t do so for your sake, as you might think.

On the contrary, you steal for the people of the kingdom, the peasants as they call them. On the trailer we see multiple outlaws at the end, so this might be a big multiplayer title.

Nevertheless, it does have interesting and rather flamboyant story. This game might even appeal to players which are not that fond of medieval games.

You are a hero for the majority, but for some, you are the greatest foe, so be careful, and tread lightly!

This beautifully crafted RPG is developed by a big corporation that you might’ve heard of, called Sumo Digital.

That’s a plus since it means that the game might get regular updates, maintenance, and the overall experience would be better than rather small developers on average.

Available on: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

2. Elden Ring

Now this is another title which might make players that don’t like medieval games change their mind.

Once you see the trailer of this game, you get the sense that it’s more of a movie rather than an actual game. Maybe that’s because it is a collaboration between the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and the novelist George R. R. Martin.

It seems as though the developers focus on every last itsy-bitsy detail. There is a high probability that this game will have a story which will be unparalleled against not just medieval games, but against other RPGs in general.

Also, it’s important to think about the company that develops the game. I’m guessing that you will probably sit in silence once you know from who this game is being developed.

There is no way around it, I’ll spare you the suspense, it’s FromSoftware Inc. For those of you who are not familiar with these bunch, they’re the ones responsible for a little game called – Dark Souls.

I’ll just leave it at that. There is nothing more to say. I’m sure a lot of people will be patiently waiting for the release of this game, as will I.

The main drawback is we don’t know much about the gameplay. Nonetheless, I’m sure they’ll be pretty good at it, the whole Dark Souls franchise has pretty good gameplay.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Next-gen not confirmed at the time of writing)

3. Avowed

Avowed is sort of the underdog when it comes to upcoming medieval games in 2021. However, there is no getting around the fact that this game does seem to be very promising.

We can see just how much level of detail in the characters and into spells and abilities that this game’s developers have put in.

The developers are none other than Obsidian Entertainment who have given us detailed gems like Fallout and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic!

This game is first person, and the mechanics and feel of the game does have certain aspects which are similar to games like the Elder Scrolls.

Don’t get me wrong, Avowed is a completely different animal than the Elder Scrolls. Even though it has a certain feel to it that would suggest that, playing the game gives you a much different experience.

There is a drawback though. Everything isn’t as perfect as it is, especially because this game will be only available on two platforms.

PS players and Mac players have been completely shut off from this game. This is unfortunate, but it is no secret that Xbox has much more RPG games.

Available on: Xbox Series S and X, and PC

4. Valhall

Enthusiasts might get surprised when they see Valhall in this list of best medieval games of 2021. Yes, like Avowed, this game can also be considered an underdog in this list.

Even though it has some questionable graphics and other elements, boy there are some things that this game does really well.

It has an interesting concept. The plot is situated in the Viking world, and it covers some factually correct Viking history, which makes it a first-choice for someone who likes both Viking and medieval games.

What this game offers is a battle royale multiplayer option. Something which other medieval games don’t even think to do.

It’s developed by an independent developer firm called Blackrose Arts. They are quite new to the scene but they seem to make some headway with the projects they work on.

The combat system in Valhall is the pillar of its success. It offers real-time movement system for attacks, and it seems to be something which hasn’t been done in the past.

You can play the game in both first-person and third-person perspectives. However, my personal favorite is first-person and you will see why if you try it.

They released Valhall in an alpha stage, so that they can troubleshoot issues and improve gameplay way before its release!

Unfortunately, this game as it’s planned now, will not be available for most of the platforms.

Available on: PC

5. Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls might sound familiar to true RPG fans out there. Well, this game was released back in 2009.

However, the developers felt that the game needed a refreshment and they were right. They scheduled a remake for this game.

There will be some interesting new features being added as well as increasing the graphics quality.

Although, back in 2009 when the game was initially released, most players were left in awe of the graphics, and overall story of the game.

Well, with the remake, it’s the same. The characters and story of the game is still kept intact but also being freshened up a lot.

When you play this game, you feel immersed into a medieval experience like no other. This game’s nature screams RPG history!

It feels like a full-blown role-player far more than the others mentioned in the list. There are some monsters and foes in this game which are unbelievably detailed and unique.

The developers already made an appearance in this list with Elden Ring, and I’ve already talked about how much unbelievable titles these developers have produced.

Well, it’s no surprise then that this game is also beautifully crafted, but you still won’t feel that you are playing an Elden Ring knockoff, because this one is a completely different beast.

There is a certain theme which is slowly announcing itself in this list. That is the fact that some of these games are exclusives, and only available on some platforms, and Demon’s Souls is the same as well.

Available on: PS5

6. Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert combines a lot of true nature RPG elements together. Although that might be true, don’t get the wrong impression that this game tries to be everything at once.

It still manages to keep the game in one domain, instead of going in all sorts of directions because of many different aspects and perspectives that are implemented in it.

It’s one of the first in this list that has certain medieval empire elements in it. Along with that, there are trolls, orcs, beasts, and bizarre creatures which are completely unique to it.

Not many expect such creatures or mechanics for a medieval empire game. However, even though elements like empires and beasts are implemented, it still has a perfectly made story line.

The story is rich and full of plot twists. Some might say that it is the highest pillar in this game. Mechanically the game feels good enough.

But like I said, the main selling point is its story, like most RPGs. The characters feel far more detailed, and easily relatable than with other games!

The main issue is that Pearl Abyss – Crimson Desert’s developers, have quite a lot on their plate right now. They’re working on a few other games, and that might impact Crimson Desert’s quality.

I say this because they’re relatively new to the scene. But we will have to wait and see, they might throw out a hail mary. Crimson’s release date was delayed a couple of times, and now there is nothing official that would state it’s set release.

Nonetheless, it’s probably around 2021, state the community. The game has already been in development for quite a while.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Next-gen not confirmed at the time of writing)

7. Mordhau

Now, I understand that most of these games I’ve mentioned are not for everyone. Some might say that I’ve focus too much on games will wizardry, beasts, creatures, and what not.

But I haven’t forgotten the true medieval fans, those who like to enjoy the usual top up of classic medieval combat.

Mordhau is that. This game puts a lot of emphasis on the true medieval combat, with no bizarre monsters or unrealistic spells.

If you join Mordhau today, you’ll be greeted with unbelievable combat mechanics, much like the ones in the afore mentioned Valhall.

This game probably has the biggest battleground for medieval combat. Clash of empires is a common thing in this game. The developers have done a top job of the mechanics and features in this game.

There is different machinery that can be used to slay your enemies, and you can also ride your horse and slash your enemies whilst doing so. You’ll wage war in first-person, which makes the experience much more immersive.

On top of the exceptional mechanics and combat, you won’t get bored by little customizations. You can customize your character as much as you want, forge your own weapons, choose your colors, and so much more that it’s hard to put it in words.

Mordhau’s feedback has been impressively positive for most of the time. It has received a good rating from most of the biggest names in the industry, as well as becoming and editor’s choice for most of them.

Not all things are great though, like there are some unrealistic physics that you might encounter, but the developers are optimizing and updating the game daily, so it keeps getting better and better.

Even you aren’t a medieval fan, I suggest that you try this game!

Available on: PC

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