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If you are looking for suitable locations to build close to villages, you will need to know which village is the best in terms of shopkeepers and utilities.

Best Village Location: Medieval Dynasty

There are a lot of villages in the Medieval Dynasty, and each has its perks. You can see the villages’ names on the map, but some of the smaller ones don’t appear on the map.

In light of these things, we have devised the best village location in the Medieval Dynasty.

Best Village Location in Medieval Dynasty

The most known villages are Gostovia, Borowo, Denica, Lesnica, and Branica, to name a few. If you want to pinpoint the best town, you will have to look at which of these has the best merchants.

Trading is probably the only commodity you get from villages. Of course, you can also steal things, but usually, those are not as high value. Now, which is the biggest village and has the most merchants?

The best village in the Medieval Dynasty is Gostovia.

This is because this village has four shopkeepers, while the others have two or one in some cases. The four merchants are Adelina, Uniegost, Sobiemir, and Jarogniewa.

There will be different items you can purchase and trade with these merchants. Those items are:

  • Adelina:

Carrot seed, flour, onion seed, rye grain, and wheat grain.

  • Uniegost:

Bag, scythe, waterskin 4/4, flax, flax stalk, and linen thread.

  • Sobiemir:

Egg, meat, animal feed, and manure.

  • Jarogniewa:

Apple, cherry, flatbread, gruel, meat with gravy, pear, plum, porridge, potage, soup, and stew.

These four merchants will give you fruits, meat, utilities, and farming resources. This diversity is good enough to make it the best village in the Medieval Dynasty.

There are many better shopkeepers than these, but the thing is if you are looking for low-level sustenance, then you might want to build your dynasty close to Gostovia.

If you need any other merchant’s items, you can quickly go to that village. Also, it is essential to mention that Gostovia is the biggest village in the game.

But, as you know, you can’t build next to it. Just pick a location that is a reasonable walking distance from it. Good luck, survivor!

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