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In the Medieval Dynasty, most of the dynamic in the game revolves around the building. After all, you will need to bring into life your imagined dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty : Best Place To Build

There are many opinions on which place is the best to build, for advantages like food, resources, villages, safety, etc. These all need to be taken into consideration before you start building away.

We have compiled the list of things you need to consider to find the best place to build.

Best Place to Build in Medieval Dynasty

In theory, you can build wherever you want, well you can build freely in most places. Some are off-limits for building like territories close to villages.

So, should you build wherever you please or pick out a more strategic place? If you want to pick your home, you can, but the game might be more difficult for you based on your location.

Nonetheless, picking a more thought-out place will ensure that you mitigate some of the game’s survival challenges.

List of things you need to take into consideration for the best place to build:

  • Close to trees – being close to trees ensures that you don’t have to walk long ways to gather more material to build. Trees are beneficial, and they are needed in almost all crafting recipes.
  • Village – since you can’t be very close to towns, be as close as possible. This gives you trading options.
  • Rocks and Caves – if you find a place close to rocks and trees, this is great since, like trees, this material will be needed a lot on your journey.
  • Flat Surface – consider having a flat surface around you. This gives you more building capabilities and ensures that you don’t have headaches in the future.
  • Water – build close to the water so that you can fish and get water and resources from it. It also has the added benefit of looking more beautiful.
  • Esthetics – this is more of a fun thing to consider, but it seemed appropriate considering this is a role-playing game.

With all that said, the only things you need to think about when building are trees, rocks and caves, flat surfaces, water, and villages. Being close to all these makes it a perfect place to build. Furthermore, scout the whole location as much as possible and see if you can build a prominent dynasty there.

You can build on high-ground also, which will give you a good view and make it easier for hunting if there are animals at that location. So, either go high or low ground but, most importantly, take all of the things mentioned above into consideration. Good luck out there!

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