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Scoopy Banoopy is one of the harder Bugsnax to catch. You will encounter this creature later on in the game, at the Frosted Peaks. There is no other way to say this, it’s a banana sundae.

Bugsnax: How to Catch Scoopy Banoopy

However, this Bugsnax is quite aggressive. If it gets too close it will flick you in the air and it will freeze you. You’ll need to catch this creature for Gigglefunny’s sidequests.

How to Catch a Scoopy Banoopy – Bugsnax

  1. Go to Frosted Peak’s snowy mountaintops. You will find the Scoopy Banoopy at the entrance at this location, it moves around in a circular motion.
  2. Most of the process of catching it is preparation. Set up a camp fire, and then after it, set up a trip shot.
  3. You can lure it with chocolate. I found that more difficult as its range is really small. I suggest standing close to it, as close as when it becomes aggressive. Maintain this distance and get the Scoopy Banoopy close to the fire.
  4. Be careful not to go too close to it. It will melt once it’s close to the fire, and this is when you can catch it.
  5. After that lure him to walk through the trip shot, at which point it will fall, and you can catch it!

Unfortunately, this is the only way to capture the Scoopy Banoopy. Even though it can be difficult, this is to be expected by a late-game Bugsnax.

Make sure to follow the steps accordingly and not to miss a step, especially the one where you have to melt the bug.

The bugs at Frosted Peaks are similar like this. They have to be melted first before catching them. Like I said, it’s difficult, far more than the early game Bugsnax like the Crispy Snakpod.

You might need to set up the Trip Shot once you melt the Scoopy Banoopy and not before, as other Bugsnax might destroy the trap before that.

Once its melted, a timer will start. This timer shows how much time you have before the Bugsnax explodes into multiple other creatures. Good luck!

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