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Killstreaks are a vital part of Call of Duty’s identity as a game. Besides the normal killstreaks you earn in one life, you have a second option in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare known as Specialist.

Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Use Specialist Mode

How can you get specialist mode?

If you ever wished you could use a specific combination of perks, but they were all in the same perk slot, then Specialist will meet your needs.

Every two kills (one to start with hardline), you will be granted a perk of your choice up to six kills. If you manage to go past six, you’ll get a specialist bonus, earning almost all perks in the game including those that are placed in the perk slot for your weapon.

How to Use Specialist Mode?

Unlike the previous Modern Warfare 3, you no longer select Specialist as a strike package, but rather you activate it from the perk selection screen from any class.

To use specialist mode on PC, you press R to activate Specialist on your class.

Keep in mind, this only activates it for that specific class, which means you can use another class if you want to go back to your normal killstreaks during a match.

Why use Specialist mode in Modern Warfare?

If you’re looking to go on long gunstreaks, then using Specialist might be the way to go, as having more perks to give yourself an advantage might be better than using UAVs or other recon based killstreaks.

Alternatively, there is one gunstreak that gives a sizable reward. Getting 30 kills without dying, not including those granted by Killstreaks, you will be rewarded with a Tactical Nuke. Like the nuke from Modern Warfare 2, calling in a Tactical Nuke will end the game after a few seconds with a victory for the team who called it in.

If you really want to show off your skills, then throw on Specialist and let your guns do the talking.

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