Can Fortnite Be Played on a Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)



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For such a competitive game like Fortnite, you need every advantage you can get to emerge victorious among your enemies!

Can Fortnite Be Played on a Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)

Which brings me to my next point. Usually, higher FOVs give you a much wider angle and more sight, rather than with lover FOV. Ultrawide monitors have been known to give much more visibility, than others. For Fortnite, this could be game breaking, and it will definitely give you an upper hand.

Despite what you might think, not many games today offer ultrawide monitor support. This is the main reason that they haven’t become industry standard yet.

Fortnite on a Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)

There are so many issues that arise when implementing 21:9 aspect ratio in games. While it isn’t an enormous difference from the usual 16:9, it does make it really difficult for developers to implement it.

Mainly because there has to be so much tweaking done with the camera, the angles, the way the world is viewed, and much more variables. Nonetheless, in the case of Fortnite, thankfully, it does support ultrawide ratio, more specifically 21:9.

Additionally, it is not just that this is difficult to do. There is so much work that needs to be done as well, and this would mean that the developers might have to put in a lot of time and resources into making this a reality.

Furthermore, not many usually play on ultrawide monitors, even though they’re better in almost every way.

In Fortnite, you get a much wider-angle visibility which makes it much more strategically sound, that the usual ratios. The wider angles allow the player to see many things which wouldn’t be possible with something like the 16.9.

We have seen a shift in Fortnite’s competitive scene as well. While there weren’t many who focused on their monitor and size, in recent times, that becomes much more of a necessity.

Today, almost every single one of the professional e-Sports players play on an ultrawide monitor, as it creates the biggest advantage you can have, visibility-wise.

This is similar to CS 1.6 days, when players made their resolution wider, so they can see the enemies clearer. If you’re having any issues with playing the game in ultrawide, or you have black bars on the sides of your display, then change the resolution and aspect ratio in the settings.

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Can The Medium Be Played on a Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)


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