Can You Disable Alarms in Teardown?



Can the alarms in Teardown be disabled? Read to find out!

Can You Disable Alarms in Teardown?

Teardown is a puzzle-like sandbox game that Tuxedo Labs developed. The story revolves around a demolition company owner who is caught between crime and justice as he helps police investigations while also planning major heists.

The game’s campaign mode contains various missions of different difficulty levels. In this fully destructible voxel world, players can use the environment to their advantage: you can build structures, stack multiple objects, destroy buildings, drive through walls, blow up their surroundings, and more.

Most of the game’s missions involve a security alarm, which acts as a timer that gives you 60 seconds to complete all the objectives the moment it is triggered. During the preparation phase, the game gives you unlimited time to prepare all the necessary tools, vehicles, and explosives to plan the perfect heist and finish the level as quickly as possible.

However, as soon as the alarm gets triggered, you must finish the mission before the timer runs out. Run, drive through, jump, use a slingshot, and do whatever it takes to collect all the objectives and find a way to escape before the security arrives.

With that said, you might wonder if you can disable the security alarm boxes in Teardown to have unlimited time to complete the objectives. Here’s the answer:

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Can You Disable Alarms in Teardown?

A screenshot of the alarm box in Teardown.
Source: Goose UK / YouTube

Let us get one thing straight: the alarm boxes in Teardown cannot be disabled. Although this may seem surprising considering that a lot of games allow players to deactivate or disable alarms in general—Whether you are diffusing a time bomb, deactivating countdowns, or disabling alarm sirens—there is usually a way to halt any countdown timer in most games.

However, this is not the case for Teardown. The game’s main objective is to create a path between the objectives and complete it within 60 seconds. This is also why spray paint exists in the game, so you can mark the path you plan to create.

Then, upon hitting the first objective, the alarm gets triggered, and you have to smash or drive your way through to clear the remaining objectives. This is a core game mechanic that the developer, Tuxedo Labs, won’t want you to bypass or skip altogether.

Can you disable the alarm boxes in Teardown naturally?

There was a certain incident wherein you could destroy a part of the vehicle that the alarm wire had tapped before driving off with the rest of the vehicle intact. However, after a few patches, they made it so that the moment the alarm wire drops, the alarm sets off regardless of whether you were done with the preparations.

You also cannot disable the power to prevent the alarm from getting triggered. Most of the electrical wires in the game are for show and have no real purpose. Therefore, it is impossible to “hack” or use any electrical means to stop the countdown from ticking.

Can you disable the alarm boxes in Teardown using mods?

If you cannot disable the alarm boxes manually in the game, can you disable them using mods? Yes, you can. However, these mods can only be used on a PC, and you must create an account to download them directly from NexusMods. Here are the two mods that you can use to disable the alarm or prevent the boxes from ticking:

  1. Spawnable Alarm Equipment mod: Using this mod will give you complete control over the alarm boxes in Teardown—from spawning them at will to disabling them altogether.
  2. Alternative Alarm Trigger mod: Using this mod will let you demolish near the alarms without triggering them.
  3. Extended Alarm Timer mod: This mod will allow you to extend the alarm’s timer for more than 60 seconds, giving you unlimited time to complete all the objectives

So unless an in-game bug prevents the alarm from setting off or you are using mods to play the game on your PC, you cannot naturally disable the security alarm boxes in Teardown. For more of our in-depth guides and game reviews, click below:

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