A Guide to Valorant Weapons — Sniper Rifles



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Valorant is a relatively new FPS game introduced in 2020 that took the world by storm. It has become one of the top FPS multiplayer games alongside CS: GO and Call of Duty: Warzone. Valorant stands out because, aside from the typical FPS concept and mind games, the Agents are equipped with different dynamic abilities that can change how this game is played.

A Guide to Valorant Weapons — Sniper Rifles

However, Valorant is still a first-person shooter game. You will need to shoot, and knowing your arsenal of weapons by heart will let you shoot confidently.

The weapons in Valorant are divided into six types. There are five sidearms, two SMGs, two shotguns, four rifles, two snipers, and two heavy machine guns.

Each weapon varies from one other with its perks and quirks, but they all have their purposes. Eco rounds will force you to buy a cheap SMG or a sidearm and rely on weapon drops. During these rounds, you have to know the strengths and limits of the weapon you can afford.

This makes it a good habit to try and practice all the weapons available in the arsenal so you can get used to them to a certain degree. Mastering the agents’ abilities and lineups is half the game, while the other half is your aim and choice of weapons.

Sniper rifles are some of the most popular weapons in any FPS game. First-person shooter games have caused a divide between those who love snipers and those who wish to ban them from every game. Sniper rifles have a reputation of being famous and infamous at the same time, making them nonetheless an alluring choice in shooter games.

Because of this, Valorant incorporated only two sniper rifles in the game more than a year into its launch. Sniper rifles let you remove enemies from afar while keeping yourself relatively safe from other weapons’ reach, like pistols and shotguns.

Whether you are coming from other FPS games like CS: GO with sniper rifle experience or are a relatively new player to the genre excited at the prospect of sniping after watching American Sniper, we have you covered.


The Marshal is the cheaper of the two sniper rifles in Valorant. It is roughly based on the Remmington rifle from Western Cowboys. This semi-automatic rifle is cheaper than most primary weapons at only 950 credits with decent firepower.

It can one-shot an enemy in the head or two to the body. Compared to its expensive counterpart Operator, the Marshal has a smaller damage output but a faster ADS (Aim-Down Sight) response. This means you can scope much faster for a kill than you would with the slow-scoping animation of the Operator.

Another one of Marshal’s perks is its great non-scope accuracy. You can almost certainly hit precisely where your crosshair is without scope. This makes it shine in unexpected close-quarter situations where shooting with a Marshal is faster than pulling out your sidearm.

Movement speed is also faster when equipped with the Marshal than other firearms like Odin, Operator, and Guardian. This probably keeps up with the desire for realistic physics in Valorant, considering Marshal is a relatively thin rifle.

Using Marshal encourages aiming for the head for its one-shot kill. This inspires players to practice their aim and reflexes on the bright side. If you miss or fail to kill an enemy on the first shot, the bolt action to prepare the second shot will take some time. Listed below are the specs of Marshal:

  • Price – 950 credits
  • Mag Size – 5
  • Fire rate – 1.5 rounds/sec
  • Alt-Fire – 2.5x zoom, 1.2 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration – Medium
  • Damage at any range
    • Head – 202
    • Body – 101
    • Legs – 85


The Operator is not only a more expensive sniper rifle — it is the most expensive weapon in Valorant! This bolt-action sniper rifle is probably the deadliest weapon in the right hands. It can one-hit-kill most enemies with a head or body shot.

Hitting an enemy’s legs would still deal significant damage that can leave an enemy fleeing or dying at the hands of the wind blowing. Whether you like snipers, the Operator is a weapon anyone can respect. Its price is worth noting, and not everyone can just buy the Operator, especially when credits are hard to come by.

This is CS: GO’s equivalent of AWP. The Operator mixes two .50 caliber sniper rifles: The Macmillan Tac-50 and the Barrett M82 sniper. It has the highest-rated damage per bullet in the game. Equipped with a 2.5x and 5x zoom function, it can kill enemies from the farthest point of visibility available on any game map.

There is no damage falloff, regardless of the distance. The downside to this expensive rifle is its equip time of 1.5 seconds, making it even slower than the heavy Odin’s equip time. Operator users will find this weapon heavy to walk around with, so purchasing a decent sidearm to combine with the heavy and long-range exclusive Operator is recommended.

The Op is also known as the deadliest weapon in the right hands. The steep price of this weapon requires you to make good use of it for more than just one round. When you are the last one standing in a match against multiple enemies, it is best to hide and keep the Operator safe.

Additionally, when you take down an Operator-equipped enemy or even if an ally with this weapon is killed, it will be your advantage to pick it up when the match is won. You might not need it, but some of your teammates definitely will. Listed below are the specs of the Operator:

  • Price – 4700 credits
  • Mag Size – 5
  • Fire rate – Bolt-action 0.75 rounds/sec, 12 pellets/round
  • Alt-Fire – 2x & 5x zoom
  • Wall Penetration – High
  • Damage at any range
    • Head – 255
    • Body – 150
    • Legs – 127

Sniper rifles are a highly divisive part of the FPS gaming community. Many people complain games are no longer enjoyable because of snipers, while some deem this necessary to keep up with the actual weapon trends of the world.

While sniper rifles are annoying for the receiving end, it has already become the norm among FPS games worldwide. Having a shooter game without these weapons will raise many questions and criticism from fans. The best course of action would be to accept that snipers exist and to consider the possibility of becoming a sniper yourself.

While most players tend to purchase SMGs and Machine guns, a select few choose to play it safe and far. Being a sniper requires looking for great vantage points and easily changing locations after every successful kill.

Snipers are not trigger-happy and wait patiently for that fate-deciding moment when an enemy enters their crosshairs. They are difficult to master, but with enough practice and good game sense, the Marshal and the Operator can change the game’s tide with little to no risk to their wielders.

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