Can you get a refund for Escape from Tarkov?


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Escape From Tarkov is a great game, but it surely isn’t for everyone, and sometimes people dive into EFT without being fully prepared for it. While I do advocate for doing your research before you purchase, some things just can’t be gleaned from videos and streams.

Can you get a refund for Escape from Tarkov?

However, there’s conflicting information all over the BSG forums about if you even can refund Escape From Tarkov.


According to the TOS and EULA for Escape From Tarkov, no BSG does not accept refunds. Explore their forums and you’ll see a lot of the same answers.

tos escape from tarkov
tos escape from tarkov 2

However, as many users on the forum are also quick to point out, many companies make such claims but no TOS or EULA can actually defy your country’s consumer protection laws.

But Battlestate Games are located in Russia, and Russia as well has consumer protection laws protecting the right to a refund.

Direct Contact

A number of individuals on the forums have claimed to have successfully received a refund after contacting BSG’s customer support directly by email.

refund from xsolla eft

This refund however is not guaranteed, and technically not offered anywhere in the TOS agreed to when purchasing the game. But this hasn’t stopped people from emailing BSG with a solid explanation of why they’d like the refund.

In short: people have refunded EFT, but it’s not promised anywhere.

If you’re questioning if you’ll enjoy the game, I’d say hold off and do a little more research. EFT will eventually be coming to steam and when it does steam’s standard refund policy will apply.

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