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With all of the new Escape From Tarkov updates, most of the scav bosses were transferred to the Reserve map. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a new Prapor task, called ‘The Bosses Gathering’. Completing it is simple, since you don’t need to interact nor attack any of the bosses. This is a Prapor task guide for Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov: The Bosses Gathering | Prapor Task Guide

The Bosses Gathering – Prapor Task Guide | Escape From Tarkov

Simply put, you need to observe a secret meeting with the bosses, and you need to extract. The second part is a bit more difficult, since you must survive and finish the raid.

The bosses, and their bodyguards are all roaming around the Reserve map in most of the heavily-populated areas. Here is a marked area of where you have the biggest chance of running into the scav bosses:

eft the bosses gathering prapor task guide

Now, there are two ways to go about completing this task. You can either go full ham and attack the bosses and bodyguards, or you can play it safe, observe the meeting until you get the survived status, and then dip out.

I lean more towards the former rather than the latter, since it is a lot more fun, and you have a pretty good chance of getting some good loot.

Your best bet is tackling the bodyguards instead of the bosses, and since they also drop some good loot, why bother with the bosses anyway, especially since the bosses tend to be hard to take down.

After completing the Bosses Gathering quest, you will get two things. One is, a point in charisma, and the other is a point for stress-resistance.

While it may not be as rewarding as some of the new tasks that were added recently, considering how easy this quest is, the rewards are adequate.

Since most are going for completion of the Bosses Gathering and all of the new tasks on the Reserve map, the map does tend to be more populated than usual. So, keep your guard up and be ready for anything.

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