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Escape From Tarkov went through an update recently, and on-top of some very radical changes, there were new additions in terms of playable content and quests. To the Ragman quest line, there were some new tasks added, and today, we will focus on Fuel Matter, and how to complete it. This is a Ragman task guide for Fuel Matter in Escape From Tarkov 12.11.

Escape From Tarkov: Ragman Task Guide | Fuel Matter (12.11)

Ragman Task Guide – Fuel Matter Escape From Tarkov 12.11

This is one of the first tasks available in Ragman’s quest line. To complete it though, player must go to the Reserve map. There, players will need to find two fuel containers, and mark them.

What players will also need is the marker, which can be bought from Prapor. You can use that to mark the tanks, but even after doing so, of course, you will need to survive for the remaining time, and exit the raid.

The first location for the first fuel tank in Fuel Matter is located at the Sewer Manhole Extract. If you look towards the white and black knight buildings, you will see a road. Start walking on that road, and look for a hole in the fencing to your right or left, depending on where you’re coming from.

Go through the hole in the fencing, and you will see a small grassy area, which isn’t flat. Keep walking, and there should be both red and white containers. The red container is the one you should mark.

Wait for 10 seconds until you properly mark the container.

The second location for the containers is located at the Train Yard and the K Buildings. Taking any route you want from there, but the quickest is through the white and black knight buildings.

Once you’re there, look at the Train Yard, and you will see some tankers on the left of the watch tower.

There will be two containers facing you. Ignore those first two, and mark one of the three other containers which are positioned to the side. Wait 10 seconds, and you will have the two fuel containers marked.

Now, all that is left to do is survive and extract.

After handing in the quest to Ragman, players will receive thirty thousand roubles, 8,200 XP, and two 5-liter propane tanks which are needed for questing.

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