Can you Play Black Ops: Cold War in Split-Screen


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Probably, the most pressing question for every new Call of Duty game, is the question on whether or not you can play the game in split-screen mode.

Can you Play Black Ops: Cold War in Split-Screen

COD fans really do seem to enjoy this mode. This franchise has made a name for itself for the near-perfect split-screen mechanics. Chances are high that if you buy a COD game, you would want to enjoy it with some friends while eating Doritos at home.

Since Cold War is really popular now, let’s see if you can play Cold War in split-screen.

Black Ops: Cold War – Does it Have Split-Screen?

Almost all games of this franchise have split-screen capabilities. We wanted to capture the moment by giving you the extensive list of games, but it seems like it is too extensive.

black ops cold war split screen gameplay

Being a big list, we didn’t bother, but instead, you should know that there are about 75-80% of COD games that have split-screen option.

So, let’s get to the point. Can you play Black Ops: Cold War in split-screen?

The short answer is yes, you can play Cold War in split-screen. Like the controller support, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but all new games from Treyarch have this mechanic built into them.

Furthermore, even though there isn’t official information on this topic by Treyarch, we have found a key piece of evidence suggesting that split-screen mode will in fact be part of Cold War.

We have found that in the Xbox Games store, in the Cold War’s capabilities section, it has split-screen capability listed.

Here is the evidence:

black ops cold war capabilities

Courtesy of this reddit post.

So, according to this, by my guess they have mistakenly revealed that split-screen will be coming to Cold War. Honestly, no one was worries since the chances are extremely still that they will rule out split-screen after all these years.

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