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We have seen a recent shift in the PC gaming community. Most of the PC players are starting to use controllers to get ahead of the competition.

Controller Support for PC | Black Ops: Cold War

This is no surprise, since you can get an edge against other players no matter how small. However, this is mostly true for FPS games that have aim assist. Cold War, the newest COD title has gained a lot of popularity since it was available.

This begs the question: does Black Ops: Cold War have controller support?

Can You Play With a Controller in Black Ops: Cold War

Implementing controller support has become a common practice for developers, especially Treyarch. The majority of Call of Duty titles have all controller support and most of them are cross-platform.

Being cross-platform, it’s seems very logical to add controller compatibility. Most of the cross-platform games, have more “basis” to implement controller support since you can play against actual console players that are using controllers.

Nonetheless, let’s answer this million-dollar question. Does Black Ops: Cold War have controller support?

For now, it hasn’t been confirmed officially, but all of the data suggest that Cold War will in fact have controller support.

What do I mean by data? Well, almost all of the Call of Duty games have implemented controller support. These developers have especially focused on that aspect of the games.

Even when controller compatibility was not a “big-thing” like now, they still did it. No one is concerned that this hasn’t officially be stated, because from experience, we know that Treyarch provides controller compatibility for all COD games, especially cross-platform ones.

As I said, almost all cross-platform games have the possibility to toil away with a joystick. This is because, it is unfair of them to pin PC keyboard and mouse players against console players who have aim assist.

What they can do instead, is provide the PC players with the possibility to plug in a controller to keep up with console gamers. Rest assured, controller support has extremely high-chances of getting implemented in Cold War!

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