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If you’re bursting out of excitement about Fall Guys like us, then you probably can’t wait to tell your friends about it too. And more importantly – to invite them to play with you!

How To Invite Friends In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

We can’t blame you! The game is enjoyable a thousand times more when you are running through the crazy rounds together with your friends! But how do you get them together in a group and throw them in the playground with you?

How To Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout With Friends

Right now, you have two possible options.

One: if you are playing Fall Guys on your PC, the next time you are in the lobby – instead of clicking ‘Play’, press the ‘P’ key on your keyboard. A new window will pop up where you’ll be able to select the friends you want to invite. Your friends will receive an invitation and after they’ve accepted it, they will appear next to you in the lobby. When you’ve gathered all your friends – click ‘Play’ and have a fun with them!

Two: it is very similar if you’re playing Fall Guys on PlayStation 4. Instead of ‘P’, when you’re in the lobby press your Triangle and the same process will start. You send invitations, your friends accept and you jump into action!

Video Guide Inviting Friends

Can I Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout With All My Friends

Sadly, no. There are some limitations when it comes to gathering friends in Fall Guys and these are the main two.

First, you can only invite up to three friends in Fall Guys. That means that your group can consist of maximum four members, including you. We’re not sure why this rule exists, but for now it is what it is.

Second, if you’re playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on a PC and your friend is playing on PS4, you can’t play the game together. Cross-platform play is still not an option for Fall Guys, so you are just gonna have to team up with your PC buddies. Or PS4 if you are a controller gamer! Have a blast!

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