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Despite Outriders being affected by quite a few errors, and having a bumpy launch, the game received quite a lot of attention. This unexpected RPG seems to tick a lot of boxes for many players out there, and the competitive aspect is on-point. However, comradery is also on the top of the list for the developers, and you can see that by how enjoyable the game is with a group of friends.

Can You Play Outriders Offline

Nevertheless, many also want to enjoy this game solo, and possibly on the go, where internet connection might not be a possibility. In these cases, can you play Outriders offline?

Is There an Offline Mode in Outriders

Unfortunately, Outriders cannot be played offline, nor does it have any offline mode. The game is solely online, the biggest reason for that is the saved data.

Players which play the game get their data saved online, i.e. on the cloud, rather than on their own system. This is great for a couple of reasons; save data corruption risk is lowered, it doesn’t clutter your system storage, and there are less cheaters.

Yes, less cheaters.

How is that possible? Well, People Can Fly have managed to come up with a way that might be the future of anti-cheat. Instead of saving progress on players’ systems, they save it on their own cloud, which means that it is easily trackable.

This ultimately means no ability for offline play, but it is also fair to mention that Outriders gets quite a lot of updates frequently. On a side note, you might get the Win64-Shipping.exe error after the most recent update, but thankfully, there is a fix for it.

To run the game smoothly and get the newest content, one must be connected to the internet. On top of that, an out-of-date version of the game cannot be played.

In any case, it is fair to say that Outriders is a type of RPG that wouldn’t even work offline. There are also in-game services and processes that rely on having internet connection, as vendors change their roster quite often, and there are much more similar aspects like that which need to be considered.

As the game evolves though, there might be some changes, but whether it will have an offline mode, we suspect is out of the picture. However, this is purely speculation.

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