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Since the launch of the brand-new console by Sony, the PlayStation 5, players have been confused about the differences between the two versions: the Digital console and the Disc version.

Can You Play PS5 Games Without Disc

It was a bold move from Sony to introduce a console that will not accept regular discs any more. However, while that might sound bonkers for many players, it is actually expected that such a thing has been introduced.

The main reason I say this is because many of the last-gen console players have rarely used DVDs in order to play their favorite games.

Play PS5 Games Without a Disc

As I said, there have been many people who have moved away from regular physical copies and they’ve went fully digital. The whole industry is now making a shift, and many predict that by 2024, there will be no more physical copies of games.

Whether that will be a reality or not, the figures a favorable for digital game buyers. The all-new PS5 Digital edition has no slot to insert a disc, and to Sony’s credit, they’ve made it cheaper than the other version.

The short answer to the question on whether you can play PS5 games without a disc is a resounding yes. You can enjoy digital games on both the PS5 Digital version and the disc version.

How to Play Games Without a Disc?

It is relatively simple to play your favorite games digitally. Instead of buying a physical copy of the game, and then installing it to your system, what you need to do is buy a digital version.

To buy games on the PlayStation, there are two ways. Either from the official PS Store, of from third-party digital sellers, in the form of a code that you can use to acquire the game on your system.

So, all you need to do is either buy a game from the official store or buy it from a third-party seller. After which point you can download and install the game on your PS5, despite what version of it you have.

Beware that while the disc edition PS5 accepts both digital and disc games, the Digital version, of course, only supports digital games.

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