Clash of Clans: How to Start Town Hall 12



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Getting the upgrade from Town Hall 11 to 12 is a big thing. Still, the work doesn’t stop there, you will have to setup your Town Hall in a way that will be most effective.

Clash of Clans: How to Start Town Hall 12

To do this, you must upgrade all of the things accordingly and in a specific order. We will talk about the exact upgrades that you will need to do in order to make your Town Hall 12 the best that it could be.

The recent updates to Town Hall 12 and 13 have made a lot of players jump in back on the action, and the game is now more competitive than ever.

How to Start Town Hall 12 – Clash of Clans

The veteran Clash of Clans players will tell you how important upgrades are at the beginning of a new Town Hall. Arguably one of the best feeling in Clash of Clans is getting that new level Town Hall, after maxing out the last one.

Like I said though, the work doesn’t stop after transitioning to a new level. In fact, there is so much work after upgrading a Town Hall, that players get overwhelmed about upgrades, troops, priorities, and more.

Don’t worry though, because we will show you the exact upgrade path that you will need to do in order to start Town Hall 12:

1. Laboratory

The laboratory is one of the essential building in the game and you will definitely need it if you want to have high-level troops. This is the first upgrade that most players in the Clash of Clans community go for.

2. Army Camps

This will give you 20 extra space, and it is essential if you want to have a successful raid or an attack. Elixir is definitely hard to come by, but make sure to use it for the Army Camps second.

3. Storage

When you upgrade from eleven to twelve you will have more storage needs. What is interesting is that you will buildings that cost more now in 12, than the ones that were the maximum in Town Hall 11.

4. Heroes

Next up is the heroes, and I recommend going with the queen first, and then the king. Just make sure that they reach a maximum level of 65. Then, you will need to upgrade the Grand Warden.

5. Clan Castle

Before you do this though, you need to upgrade your resource storage as well. With these upgrades you will get two Dragons, two Yetis, one Valkyrie, and one Loon!

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