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It is safe to say that Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is quite a technical game. Although, it does a good job of getting players up to speed pretty quick. Still, there are some things which might take you hours at a time to find. A prime example of this is power steering fluid, or power steering reservoir. Where can you find it, and how can you drain it?

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 | Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid – Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Now, depending on which car you’re working on, the power steering reservoir can be in a couple of different places. It is really dependent on the design of the particular car you’re working on.

Still, for most of the cars, it is clearly obvious once the hood is open. So, simply open up the hood, and look for a black cylinder-shaped reservoir, with orange lettering on the top. Here is how the power steering reservoir looks like:

As I’m not really a Car Mechanic Simulator veteran, I’m not really sure whether the reservoire design changes from car to car. It is highly unlikely, as most of the parts in this game look the same.

But a general rule to follow is: the reservoir must be located somewhere around the engine, it must have a cap on the top for both adding steering fluid and draining it.

If you’re having trouble draining the power steering fluid, simply left-click it, and then go to ‘Additional Tools’. After that, use the drain tool from there to get all of the fuel out. However, make sure to take of the cap before, because the drain tool won’t appear unless you do that.

The same process is for both the brake fluid, and windshield water, should you ever need to drain that (highly unlikely).

Furthermore, both of those two are similar style reservoires that are located somewhere around the engine. Again, look for small ‘bottles’ or reservoires that have some sort of a cap on the top.

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