Car Mechanic Simulator: How To Get Rid of Rust


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Learn how to get rid of rust on your next project car in Car Mechanic Simulator.

Car Mechanic Simulator: How To Get Rid of Rust

Scrap cars covered in layers of rust are a common sight in Junkyards in Car Mechanic Simulator. Fixing rusted panels on a prospective project car might seem impossible, but not in Car Mechanic Simulator, where restoring a car’s frame to perfect condition is even easier than changing your car’s oil.

This quick guide will walk you through how to get rid of rust in Car Mechanic Simulator.

How to Get Rid of Rust in Car Mechanic Simulator?

Getting rid of rust in Car Mechanic Simulator is easy, thanks to a nifty tool called the Welder – a tool you can purchase to restore a rusted shell to perfect condition.

Follow the steps below to use the Welder in Car Mechanic Simulator.

  1. Move the rusted car onto the lift.
Move the car on the lift first to get rid of rust in Car Mechanic Simulator.

2. Access the Welder and move it next to the lift.

Move the welder next to the rusted car to start getting rid of all the rust.

3. With the Welder next to the lift, select the Welder, then select Use Equipment to start the rust repair process.

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4. Unfortunately, the rust repair process isn’t free, and you’ll have to pay a certain amount for rust repairs depending on the car’s condition. For this example, we must pay 1,750 CR to remove all the rust from this Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (991).

You need to pay a repair fee to get rid of rust in Car Mechanic Simulator.

5. When the repair is completed, the car’s Frame Condition should return 100%.

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How to Unlock the Welder in Car Mechanic Simulator

You can unlock the Welder in Car Mechanic Simulator by purchasing it for 5000 CR. You do not need to purchase any prerequisite expansions to purchase the Welder.

  1. Click on your Toolbox in your garage.

2. Click on the Garage and Tools tab.

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3. Select the Welder icon to highlight it.

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4. Select and hold the “Buy” button to purchase the Welder for 5000 CR.

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After you purchase the Welder, you should see it next to the Toolbox in your Garage. You can interact with the tool and start using it to restore rusted frames to 100% condition.

You can find the welder next to the toolbox in Car Mechanic Simulator.

Using the Welder is very easy, as you’ve read in the previous section. You will likely use this tool whenever you try to restore cars you’ve bought from the Salvage or Junkyard.

What does the welder do in Car Mechanic Simulator?

The Welder lets you fix any car’s rusted frame back to 100% condition in Car Mechanic Simulator. Cars you buy from the Junkyard are the best candidates for rust repair using the Welder, as these cars are likely very rusty from sitting in the Junkyard for months or years.

Restoring a car to rust-free condition can improve a car’s value, allowing you to sell an otherwise worthless frame for some profit, making the Welder a worthwhile investment in Car Mechanic Simulator.

Is the Welder worth it?

The Welder is well worth the initial investment of 5,000 CR, as not only will you be able to remove all the rust from your project cars, but you can also make some decent money by simply restoring a car’s frame.

Fixing cars back to 100% frame condition using the Welder will significantly increase their resell value. You can purchase cars from the Junkyard, get rid of all the rust, and then resell the car for profit.

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For example, the Porsche Carrera 4S (991) we repaired in the guide above cost around 15,156 CR from the Junkyard. After the frame was repaired to 100% condition using the Welder, we can now resell the frame as-is for 20,053 CR. Even after factoring in the cost of repairs (1,750 CR), we still made a decent profit of around 3,000 CR.

Final Thoughts

Rust is a common issue that you will encounter in almost every car you buy from the Junkyard or Salvage. Considering the conditions these cars were exposed to for months or years, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see a serious buildup of rust in many of these cars’ frames.

Luckily, removing rust from cars in Car Mechanic Simulator is easy. Follow the guide above to learn how to unlock and use the Welder in Car Mechanic Simulator to restore those rusted frames to their former glory. 

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