A Complete Guide To the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator


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The Junkyard is a valuable location in Car Mechanic Simulator.

A Complete Guide To the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator

At the start of Car Mechanic Simulator, you will be working to fix and restore customer cars through the game’s Story Orders. If you do a good enough job, you should be able to save enough money to buy your first personal vehicle.

While there are many other sources for cars in Car Mechanic Simulator, such as the Showroom or Kowalski Salvage Cars, you can save a ton of money by visiting the Junkyard instead.

This quick guide outlines everything about the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator.

What is the Junkyard for?

Car Mechanic Simulator is a game where you can fix cars to bring them back to their former glory. Of course, there is no restoration without a run-down car that needs some TLC in the first place – this is where the Junkyard comes in.

The Junkyard is home to numerous random vehicles that have seen better days. Most of the vehicles you will find in the Junkyard will be in horrendous non-running condition, but you can purchase these and slowly repair and restore them to their former glory.

The Junkyard is a haven for cheap cars and parts in Car Mechanic Simulator.

In addition, cars found in the Junkyard are cheaper than those found in a Barn, making the Junkyard a great place for finding your next project car.

The Junkyard is also a great source of spare parts in Car Mechanic Simulator. You can enter Examine Mode to check a junk car’s parts and purchase the car to serve as a donor car. If you’re looking to save some money in your current job order, you might be able to find some decent parts from random vehicles in the Junkyard.

How to Unlock the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator

Before exploring the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator, you must reach Level 5 (Car Mechanic Simulator 2021) or Level 13 (Car Mechanic Simulator 2018). You need to grind through Story Orders and gain enough XP.

You can unlock the Junkyard faster in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 than in the 2018 version, but you can also use cheats to unlock the Junkyard quickly.

Our guide on Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 cheats will help you unlock the Junkyard instantly. Meanwhile, for the 2018 version, access the Bluetooth button on the in-game computer and use the cheat code “imtoolazytogrindexp” to gain 50 XP instantly. Spam this cheat code until you reach Level 13 to unlock the Junkyard.

Nevertheless, unlocking the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator is almost a given – you will eventually unlock this feature no matter what you do by playing through the game’s story mode.

How to Buy Cars From the Junkyard in Car Mechanic Simulator

Any car you can interact with in the Junkyard can be purchased. To buy a car, simply walk next to the car and then access the Pie Menu. Within the Pie Menu will be an option called “Buy Car.”

A screenshot showing the Buy Car option in Car Mechanic Simulator

After you click “Buy Car,” a menu containing all the car’s specifications and conditions will pop up. You can cycle through each tab to better understand the car’s overall condition.

A screenshot showing Emden Jager in Car Mechanic Simulator
You can check a car's parts condition in the Junkyard.

Click the CR icon to view the car’s general value and purchase price. Select the “Buy Car” option in the bottom left corner of the window to purchase the car.

Purchase junk cars for spare parts from the Junkyard.

How to Find Good Parts in the Junkyard

Despite cars being in terrible condition in the junkyard, there’s a good chance some junk car parts will be in excellent or at least usable condition. There are two places to find spare parts in the Junkyard – junk cars and the scrap pile.

When looking for spare parts from junk cars, you can use the Buy Car button to access the Car Parts menu and check whether the car’s parts are at least yellow or orange condition (repairable) or, if you’re lucky, Green condition. Avoid cars with tons of parts in red, as this means the part is neither repairable nor usable.

A screenshot showing the car parts menu for a car in Car Mechanic Simulator

The scrap pile is also a good source for random parts in the Junkyard. Like a real scrap pile, however, the stuff you will find here is random in variety and quality, but you can get parts here cheaply.

The scrap pile is a great source for cheap car parts in the Junkyard.
A screenshot showing items in the inventory in Car Mechanic Simulator

Pick parts from the scrap pile and move them to your Cart. When you’re done browsing the Junkyard, you can purchase the items in your Cart and leave the Junkyard.

A screenshot showing the store screen in Car Mechanic Simulator

Final Thoughts

The Junkyard is a great place to get scrap cars and spare parts in Car Mechanic Simulator, and you will find yourself visiting the Junkyard often to salvage parts or look for that next big restoration job.

While the Junkyard isn’t available at the start of the game, you can easily unlock the location after you reach Level 5 or Level 13 on Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 and 2018, respectively.

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