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Try out these Car Mechanic Simulator Cheat codes to get a headstart in your car restoration journey.

Car Mechanic Simulator Cheats

Car Mechanic Simulator allows you to own your garage where you can fix, race, and restore up to 150 vehicles derived from real-life counterparts such as the Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang Fastback, Nissan GT-R, and many more.

Of course, like any other new business owner, you’ll have to start from scratch and build your way up in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. However, there are a couple of cheat codes that you can use to get yourself one step closer to your dream vehicle.

How to use cheats in Car Mechanic Simulator

You can only enter cheats in Car Mechanic Simulator when creating a new account. There are three cheat codes, each providing a different bonus set.

  1. cms2021 promo – Level 36 and $500,000 cash bonus.
  2. cms2021stage1 – Level 5 and $4,000 cash bonus.
  3. cms2021stage2 – Level 12 and $50,000 cash bonus.

To use the cheat codes above, do the following:

  1. Create a new game.

2. Use any of the cheat codes above as your profile name—for example, type in “cms2021promo” when creating a new game.

3. Pick Easy or Normal difficulty.

4. Skip the tutorial.

5. You should now start the game with a bonus Level and cash, depending on the cheat code you use.

All Chat Mechanic Simulator 2021 Cheat Codes

There are only three cheat codes in Cat Mechanic Simulator 2021. These three cheat codes should work for PC, Xbox, or Playstation, as it only requires using a specific profile name.

  1. cms2021 promo – Level 36 and $500,000 cash bonus.
  2. cms2021stage1 – Level 5 and $4,000 cash bonus.
  3. cms2021stage2 – Level 12 and $50,000 cash bonus.

Make sure you pick Easy or Normal difficulty when starting a new game. These cheats will not work for Expert and Sandbox modes.

How do you get money in Car Mechanic Simulator?

The cheats featured above are the fastest way to get easy money in Car Mechanic Simulator. However, if you’re not interested in making money through cheats, you’ll have to go through the game’s various money-making methods to get cash in-game.

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Some of the methods you can try to make money in Car Mechanic Simulator include:

  • Purchase and repair broken cars from Junkyard and Auction (these are the most profitable).
  • Purchase cars from the Auction at their estimated value, then resell them as-is from your garage.

Simply playing the game normally through purchasing, repairing, and reselling cars will eventually get you a ton of money in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Enjoy the journey and work to return each car to its former glory.

Quick Headstart

The bonus cash from the cheat codes featured above should give you plenty of money to purchase upgrades, garage tools, and vehicles in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Ensure you play Easy or Normal difficulty; otherwise, the cheats will not work for your new account.

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