How to Catch Scorpions in Animal Crossing New Horizons



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Scorpions are rare creatures in Animal Crossing, and since they are rare, they can be sold at a high price. This makes farming scorpions one of the ways to earn a fair amount of Bells.

How to Catch Scorpions in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This arachnid can only spawn from May to October and is active from 7 pm to 4 am. Scorpions are not exclusively found on your island because you can go on a mystery island tour, and if you are lucky enough, you will land on a “Scorpion Island.”

scorpion info

Being a seasonal creature is not the only challenge in getting a scorpion because it will also attack and knock you out if you are not careful.

You need a net, patience, and composure to catch a scorpion. You might also need the luck to be on your side whenever one spawns on your island.

When you see a scorpion, grab a net and quickly approach it but keep your distance while observing its movement.

scorpion grab net

Take note of where it is facing and its pincers’ position.

If the scorpion detects your presence, it will open its pincers and raise it as if it is in defense mode.

Stop where you are standing, and press the hold A button to prepare to catch it when this happens.

scorpion pause net hold

Wait for the scorpion to lower its pincers and turn around. This time, slowly move near it.

scorpion cartch

Repeat the cycle of holding your net, pausing, and slowly moving until you are close enough to catch the scorpion.

If you are too close or do not stop when it detects you, the scorpion will run towards you and attack.

scorpion KO
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