How to Deal with Wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons



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The daily routine of Animal Crossing players involves fulfilling Nook Miles tasks and checking almost every corner of the island. Sometimes you want to clean up or move stuff and continue with your island designing.

How to Deal with Wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Perhaps one of your daily tasks is to shake trees and check for items and creatures that fall from them. It is all fun and peaceful until something quite heavy falls from that tree, followed by rumbling music.

wasp nest dropped

A swarm of wasps will attack you, and before you know it, your eye is swollen, and if you get attacked again in this state, you will get knocked out.

wasp swollen face

To avoid getting stung and knocked out by wasps, you have to know what to prepare and how to position yourself. But in case things get complicated, bring medicine along to cure yourself after getting stung.

When you start shaking trees to either see what falls from them or if you want to harvest fruits, always have a net on your hand.

Position yourself in front of the tree when you shake it.

wasp position

When wasps appear, your character will face it, and if you are in front of the tree, it will be easier to spam the A button and catch the wasps.

If you do not have your net ready, you can quickly hold one from the hotkeys during the short animation before the wasps attack. However, this is quite risky because your avatar will have to face the screen after pulling out the net, making it hard to catch the insect.

Another option you can do is run and go inside a building, such as the Museum, Nook’s Cranny, the Tailors, Resident Services, the airport, or your home.

Entering another villager’s house is not recommended since you will need to knock before entering, which could be an opportunity for the wasp to sting you.

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