Chamber’s Abilities and Role Overview in VALORANT


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Chamber is VALORANT’s newest Agent. A quick look at Chamber’s abilities will have players thinking: “Why in the world did Riot classify this new Agent as a Sentinel?”

Chamber's Abilities and Role Overview in VALORANT

As we look closer at Chamber’s abilities and role in the meta, remember that Chamber is not your typical Sentinel Agent. This French Weapons designer is a force to be reckoned with.

Chamber’s Abilities

Chamber’s abilities are more or less a spinoff of some Agent abilities which already exist in-game. Riot added some secret sauce to make Chamber’s abilities fresh and unique.

Chamber’s abilities are as follows:


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Chamber’s first ability, Trademark, is similar to Killjoy’s Alarm Bot. However, the main difference is that anyone caught within the ability’s field of view will be slowed.

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It is worth mentioning that Trademark is not invisible to enemies. As such, it is not as subtle as Killjoy’s Alarm Bot. Though, it can act as a deterrent in case of enemy rushes.

This ability is like Sage’s Slow Orb and Killjoy’s Alarm Bot in one package, costing 150 credits to equip.


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Chamber’s second ability is aptly named because his Headhunter pistol has a one-shot headshot capability regardless of the distance. The main difference between this ability and the Sheriff is its one-shot headshot capability and sight-enabling ADS.

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Headhunter deals 159 damage to the head, 55 to the body, and 46 to the legs. Chamber’s custom pistol only has eight bullets. Even though Headhunter deals almost the same damage as the Sheriff, save for Headhunter’s one-shot headshot ability, it probably will not make sense to aim this pistol at the enemy’s body because of the limited ammo.

The ability only costs 100 credits to equip.


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Rendezvous is Chamber’s Signature Ability. This ability allows Chamber to teleport between two teleport anchors, which he places on the ground. The teleport anchors can be picked up and repositioned.

However, the second teleport anchor cannot be placed anywhere farther than the maximum indicated range of the other anchor. A red indicator will alert players of the distance limits.

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By extension, Chamber cannot teleport when he is not within the radius of the two anchors.

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This ability more or less resembles Jett’s dash. Even though the two abilities seem worlds apart regarding how they work, Chamber’s Rendezvous will allow him to take aggressive peeks with his Headhunter and Ultimate ability.

After teleporting, the gun pullout delay is also pretty long, which makes this ability good for escapes only.

Tour de Force

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Chamber’s Ultimate Ability is an Operator. There are key differences, though:

  1. Chamber’s Ultimate will kill anyone regardless of where the enemy is hit. Leg shots = kill.
  2. Tour de Force only has five bullets.
  3. Enemy players killed with Tour de Force will leave a small lingering field that slows enemies caught inside it.

The ability requires seven ultimate points to unlock.

Chamber’s Role

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As we read about and saw Chamber’s abilities, we immediately thought: “Lowkey Jett Replacement.” Chamber players can hold aggressive angles and teleport away when necessary. His abilities allow him to take risky, aggressive peeks with little to no drawbacks.

More mechanically gifted players can expect a lot of value from Chamber. This Agent will reward players with great aim and map awareness.

The only “Sentinel” aspect of this new Agent is his ability to hold down a bomb site on his own, a Sentinel Agent Trademark. Agents like Sage and Cypher have no problem holding bombsites independently because of their abilities.

Breaking the Norm

Sentinel Agents are often labeled boring and slow because their abilities dictate their gameplay. These Agents usually hang around in bombsites alone and are often only there to stall enemies and hopefully get a pick-off before dying.

Chamber eradicates the Sentinel stereotype with his uncanny gameplay and unique skill set, allowing him to make more aggressive plays than no other Sentinel can.

Overall, Chamber is an excellent addition to the already stellar Agent Roster in VALORANT. Only time will tell how players can take advantage of Chamber’s fresh gameplay to the meta.

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