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Chivalry 1 and 2 and Mordhau have been subject to comparison for some time, and how wouldn’t they? These titles are the only two raw FPS medieval combat titles that can be played at the moment. Sure, there are some other options from indie development teams, by these two strike players as the most complex and overall better. But which is better? Chivalry 2 or Mordhau? Read on to find out!

Chivalry 2 VS Mordhau: Which Is Better

Which Is Better – Chivalry 2 VS Mordhau

Both titles are developed by an independent development team, that emphasize combat above all. Chivalry 2 is developed by Torn Banner Studios, and Mordhau by a small Slovenian indie company Triterion.

Both of these games have a lot of similarities indeed. However, while on the surface it might look like that, dig a little deeper, and quite a lot of differences can be found.


Right off the bat, where Mordhau has surprised a lot of players is with its physics. More specifically, we found that the rag dolling system is much more advanced. Once an enemy has been eliminated, the enemy will fall to the ground in a way which accounts for multiple variables at the same time.

As for Chivalry 2, while there was a lot of improvement from the predecessor, the rag dolling is still not on par with Mordhau, or other games out there.

Sound Design

This is what Mordhau lacks the most. While the combat is very immersive and hectic, the poor sound design gives players an unnatural feeling. It reminds players to older titles, where the sound design felt like it was a bit unnatural.

Truly a bummer, since Chivalry 2 has this nailed. The sounds are very high quality, and the way that it is delivered to players is impressive. Depending on how far the sound is, the environment, the volume of other sounds, and other aspects, it sounds very natural, like you were truly fighting in the arena.


As for combat, both games are completely different animals. The combat is very different in both games, and quite frankly, both games seem to do a good job of it.

The question about which is better cannot be answered here, since both are quite different, and labeling one is not doing it any good. In this case, we recommend trying them both, but in all honesty, they are both really surprising.


There is no other way of going about this. Mordhau is only available for PC at the moment, while Chivalry 2 is available on multiple platforms including: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, and PC.

To be frank its quite surprising to see Chivalry 2 available on all these platforms including the all-new generation consoles. The same thing cannot be said for blockbuster games made by huge corporations.

Nevertheless, in the case of Mordhau, availability on other platforms isn’t out of the picture. In fact, the community manager Jaxon went out to say: “So we have to see how well Mordhau does on PC first; if we have the resources and the demand for console ports post-release, we’ll definitely look into it.”.

This is reasonable since it will take a lot of work and funds to bring Mordhau on multiple platforms. Fingers crossed.

For all medieval hack-and-slash lovers out there, we recommend giving both games a shot. Both of them have unique styles and mechanics. Good luck out there gladiator!

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