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The labs map in Escape From Tarkov is a unsolved mystery. It seems as though this lab, which is under the Tarkov city, is a facility which was a place for unlawful experiments on humans. There were biological, chemical, and who knows what other experiments conducted there. Nevertheless, this map is very rewarding in terms of loot. Because of that, we though it be best to create a Labs map guide!

Escape From Tarkov: Labs Map Guide

Labs Map Guide – Escape From Tarkov

This laboratory was built by the Terra corporation, and on paper, this lab doesn’t exist. However, players know how real it is, especially by how much loot there is for the taking.

But what can you except when going in the Labs map in Escape From Tarkov?

  • There is no insurance in the Lab. So, all items that are lost cannot be recovered.
  • In the Labs map, there are a lot of Scav Raiders that spawn. Be wary of this, since they’re quite powerful, and they have the tendency to bug out, and shoot players through the walls. However, they do give a high-tier loot once taken down.
  • The most valuable loot in the game can be found here. Plus, there is an abundance of high-tier loot, much more than a typical squad can carry.
  • Since most that go into the Terralabs will be equipped to the brim, avoid going in alone. This place is a go-to for many.
  • Most of the extraction points will spawn Scav Raiders. This is because they must be activated, and activating them will spawn enemies.
  • All of the activations for extractions and similar stuff, will be announced through the whole lab through the speaker system inside.

The Labs are filled with a lot of points of interest, and with rooms which are full of loot. Getting to some places might be a hassle, but it is definitely worth it.

In terms of how easy a player can get to a certain location, and how valuable of loot they can receive, the following places are ranked from best to worst:

  1. Manager’s Office
  2. Security Office, Security Post & Arsenal Security Room
  3. Sterile Lab Block
  4. Cafeteria
  5. Server Office & Kitchen
  6. Quarantine Area
  7. Negotiation Room
  8. Experiment Area
  9. Auditorium
  10. Reception

The following picture contains some points of interests for the Terralab:

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