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Like in every game that includes the feature, Battle Pass in Genshin Impact is paid content that still requires players to meet certain conditions to unlock special rewards.

How to Complete the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s battle pass feature called the Sojourner’s Battle Pass can be raised up to 50 levels with rewards for reaching each level. Gnostic Hymn, the Battle Pass’ paid content will unlock additional rewards over the ones you received per Battle Pass Level.

To level up Sojourner’s Battle Pass you need Battle Pass EXP Points (BEP), which you can get by completing missions. There are three types of missions you can do to gain BEP—Daily, Weekly, and BP Period Missions.

bp rewards

Daily Missions, which refreshes at 4 am every day includes logging, doing daily commissions, mining, and utilizing Original Resins.

bp mission daily

There are more tasks to complete under the Weekly Missions and since they only reset every week, you can choose which ones you will do for the day. You can even do all of it in one day.

However, the mission that requires you to purchase items from the Teapot Traveling Salesman in another player’s Serenitea Pot can only be done on the weekend.

bp serenitea pot

The BP Period Missions are the ones that will take you a lot longer to complete, like making a total of 50 wishes. It also includes event activities during the BP period.

bp missions bp period

Please take note that there is a weekly limit of 10,000 BEP that you are allowed to obtain. The good thing is, this threshold is only applicable to Daily and Weekly Missions combined. The BEP you get from the BP Period Missions will not be counted as a Weekly EXP.

bp exp

Another way to increase your BP level is to purchase levels using Primogems. Each level will cost you 150 Primogems at a minimum of 2 levels, which is a lot for Free-2-Play adventurers. Purchasing levels are only recommended to those who are still missing a few levels to complete and the BP Period is about to end.

You can unlock Gnostic Hymn by purchasing it for around $10. This is in exchange for additional rewards which are mostly the same items but in higher quality or multiplied quantity.

bp gnostic hymn

At BP level 30 with Gnostic Hymn unlocked, you can choose one of the weapons from the BP bounty. These weapons cannot be obtained in any other way and they have pretty good stats.

bp bounty

It is suggested to reach the maximum Battle Pass level first before purchasing the Gnostic Hymn to make sure you get all the possible rewards and get the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t mind spending more, you can also purchase the Gnostic Chorus for around $20.

bp gnostic chorus

This in-game purchase will grant you all the rewards you get with Gnostic Hymn plus 10 Battle Pass levels, a Battle Pass-exclusive Namecard, a furnishing blueprint, and 5 Fragile Resins.

Looking at it per level, the rewards you get from unlocking the Gnostic Hymn may seem so little. But if you reached the maximum level of 50 and obtained all the rewards, you won’t need to farm character EXP books, Mora, and enhancement ores as much as you need to. You can use your Original Resin to farm other materials instead.

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