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This horror game is famous for its twists and jump scares. Devour is a thriller game released in January 2021. It has several maps, and each map has an entirely different background story. The aim of its players is to finish a straightforward task: to defeat the devil.

How to complete The Inn in Devour

How do you do that? Well, depending on the map you choose to play, you are required to either sacrifice goats or electrify rats, and you have to do this ten times to completely destroy your enemy. This may seem easy, but you and your team have to collect your subjects, goat or rats, to accomplish any of these. They roam around the map, probably hiding from your group. Who wouldn’t? After all, you are going to kill them.

Moreover, every time you do the ritual, you anger the devil herself. She will go into hunting, and if she sees you, she will kill you. This goes on every time you do the sacrifice. If that’s not hard enough, then as you get close to finishing all ten sacrifices, the devil will go on a hunting mode more frequently until your team no longer have the time to revive each other. Take note, you all do these while monsters spawn everywhere and roam around to stop you from achieving your goal. Curious? Do you think you are up to the task?

Recently, Devour released its new map called “The Inn” The game is set in a sauna house in Japan. Just like always, the developers did not disappoint in giving us a close-to-reality level of detail in the map design. The Inn has made the game more challenging with the addition of new different objectives and a more frightening enemy: a woman in an arachnid’s body. So for the faint of hearts, you might want to skip this one out. But for those of you who like to experience the thrill and the adrenaline rush of accomplishing tasks while being pursued by monstrous spiders, then you are in the right place.


As of now, the game has a total of three (3) different maps. The first map is set in a farmhouse somewhere deep in the rural areas. The map’s objective is to burn ten goats as your sacrifice. You will need hay to lure the goats. The farmhouse has a relatively smaller area compared to the other maps. The place of ritual is found at the back, outside the house.

On the other hand, the second map is in an asylum. Your aim is to electrify ten rats. The key to collecting these rodents is to offer them food on plates scattered in the building. The area of the third map is probably the largest among the three, with the ritual place found in the basement.


Showing a supposedly relaxing public bathhouse in a native Japan setting, The Inn update has a comparatively deeper and scarier backstory. A woman named Zara Yamashita is a satanic cult member who tried to summon Azazel. Contrary to the two previous maps mentioned, Zara offered giant spiders in a hidden cave situated at the back of the sauna house. What everyone who dares to summon the goat demon has in common is that their rituals always fail. You, as a key player in the game, try to search for your friend. The game starts with you entering the wrecked sauna house.


For starters, the map is medium-sized; it’s larger than the farmhouse but smaller than the asylum. Developers give us the aesthetics of Japan in the rural area. Before starting the game, you may want to look around and pose for some photos with your friends! The place of ritual may be found behind the house, going deeper inside this cave.

The game may have a solo game feature, but by the looks of it, you may want to invite your friends to accompany you here. Pretty scary!

Once you reach the end of the cave, you will see a lady, seemingly your friend Zara, only her demeanor is different. You will hear her chanting something then being annoyed about something. She will vomit and yell in frustration. After which, she will crawl her way out into one of the holes leaving behind an egg. This will signify that the game has already started. Game starting means you may begin collecting the eggs for sacrifice; giant spiders will now spawn spontaneously and randomly inside and outside the house. Most importantly, she may now start hunting you down and kill you and your friends. Tip: familiarize yourself with the inside of the map. Look around before starting the game.

This is an example of a giant spider. They spawn spontaneously and randomly anywhere on the map. They will try to attack you and make you incapacitated. To fight off these arachnids, you hold the right button of your mouse to use the UV light to burn them. Remember: the battery of your flashlight for this UV light will eventually run out if used frequently. Make sure to do a refill by picking up batteries around.


The ritual in each map is unique in its way, but they have a common pattern: they require you to do something first before making the sacrifice. Here, you need to look for the sauna with dirty water indicated with green water. The first thing to do is to clean these waters. You do that by finding bleach bottles around the Inn.

Bleach bottles are green-colored (yellow circle). They can be found anywhere, everywhere. Keep a sharp eye! Take this bottle to the sauna, and clean the water by pressing E on your keyboard. Clean water looks like the water shown below. Now you are ready to clean the egg you found! Do this by pressing E again on your keyboard.

Remember: in Devour, you can only hold one item at a time. If you put down the egg from earlier to carry this bottle, make sure to return to the place where you left the egg. After some time, eggs left unattended may be taken by the giant spiders and hidden from you.


This is how the place of ritual looks. In this update, developers decided to put up ten different ritual places for ten unique eggs scattered inside the rooms of the Inn. As you can see, each egg will have its own symbol after being cleansed in the water. The symbol can be seen in the upper left corner of your screen. Your job is to find the appropriate alter for the egg. You cannot perform the ritual unless it’s at the altar with the same symbol as the egg.

Once you find your designated alter, just press E to burn the egg. As shown below, the egg will be destroyed. Like in the other maps, your enemy will get angry and go hunting whenever you do the ritual. The good thing about this update is now you can hide inside the closets. However, if it takes too long for her to find any of you, she will begin looking inside these closets. So remember to transfer closets from time to time!

If she catches up, prepare to be devoured.

We left some exciting details in the game for you to experience yourself. This game has a lot of jump scares. Be prepared! Come back and tell us how your game went in the comment section.

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